Delhi or Mumbai: which city is better to live in? - run away with me (2023)

Delhi or Mumbai? If you live in India, I'm sure you've heard or participated in this age-old debate at some point. This is what we Indians love to talk about. Delhi and Mumbai are India's two largest cosmopolitan cities, known for their multiculturalism, progressive outlook and modern infrastructure. There are many reasons to love/hate this bustling metropolis. Yet we are here to reflect on the features that separate these two cities - the origins of this hilarious rivalry and ongoing feud.

Delhi is known for its wide roads, lush greenery, beautiful monuments and illustrious past. The capital is the political center and power center of the country. Mumbai, on the other hand, is the financial and commercial capital of India. The "City That Never Sleeps" is undoubtedly a city full of dreams and hopes. I might be biased towards Dilwaalon ki Dilli as I am a staunch Delhiite. So let me give you the facts and you decide which city is better - Delhi or Mumbai.


Delhi's infrastructure is undoubtedly better than Mumbai. Mumbai is the center of a small peninsuladelhiWith wider and seemingly endless city boundaries. Wide tree-lined roads, elegant architecture, less congestion, well-planned colonies, spacious apartments/bungalows and countless gardens make Delhi a better place to live. Mumbai, on the other hand, is plagued by narrow streets, traffic jams, slums, squatting, smelly neighbourhoods, fragmented mobile network and cramped housing. Delhi is also known for its traffic but it is always busy due to wide roads.

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2). Purchase

Is there even a contest? delhi becameindependentFashion capital. if you are visitingdelhi marketSuch as Dilli Haat, Janpath, Sarojini Nagar, Khan Market and Shahpur Jat, you will find that the city has it all, from the streets toShoppingAs well as affordable options from fashion brands and famous designers. Mumbai's Linking Road and Colaba Causeway cannot compete with Delhi's street markets in terms of price, quality and variety.


Mumbai is the clear winner here. From the trendiest clubs to the trashiest bars, Mumbai has no shortage of nightclubs and wild parties. Remember, this is a city that never sleeps. Also, Mumbai at night is breathtakingly beautiful. The queen's glittering necklace, the black Arabian Sea stretching to the horizon, the gleaming skyscrapers - Mumbai at night has something special to offer.

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4). Transportation

The rapid development of the Delhi Metro has allowed Delhi to win this round. Delhi Metro is clean, efficient, air-conditioned, comfortable and well-connected. Delhi has an extensive network of air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned low-floor buses and there is no denying that the city has a world-class transport system. Mumbai has always been famous for its local trains, which have always been the most convenient means of transportation for Mumbai people. But with so little money, time and effort invested in its improvement, it is currently in poor shape. On the other hand Mumbai's taxi system is much better as Delhi's taxi/rickshaw drivers are notorious for cheating customers.

5). Food

Delhi is a foodie's paradise. thisfoodThis is a melting pot of cultures, with an impressive range of restaurants serving local, regional and international cuisine. Incredible variety of deliciousnessstreet food在 Delhiju je nenadmašno 有已。 Vada Pav, Pao Bhaji i Mumbai Sandwich su ukusni, ali se ne mogu ustraditi s uličnom izvodni u Delhiju - Gol Gappe, Momos, 黄油鸡, Chole Bhathure, Aloo-Puri, Matra-Kulcha, Parathas, Kebabs, Papri Chaat, Dahi Bhalla,咖喱角,donuts, and more. If you want to go on a food tour, you must gostaring at delhi.While Mumbai has its fair share of world-class restaurants, the quality, taste and choice of food offered in Delhi is unparalleled.

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6). Climate

At this particular moment, the decision is entirely yours. If monsoons are your thing and don't mind the humidity, inconvenience and flooding of heavy rains, then Mumbai is the place for you. If you love variety and want to enjoy food and clothing associated with different seasons, your vote should go to Delhi. spring, summer, monsoon,autumnAnd winter - in all its extremes - can be found here. This means temperatures can reach up to 45° during the hot summer months and drop as low as 2° during the cold winter months. Temperatures in Mumbai range from 22 to 35 degrees Celsius, but high humidity makes summer unbearable.

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7).Education and opportunities

The best colleges and universities in India are located in Delhi. Students from all over India want to study at Delhi University. Delhi is definitely not the best place as far as employment opportunities are concerned. However, if we include Gurgaon and Noida, Delhi has the best employment opportunities in most industries. If you are looking for opportunities in the financial sector, Mumbai is a sure winner. The city is also known for its work ethic, hard-working environment and ease of doing business, which Delhi lacks.

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Mumbai will definitely score points here. This is the home of Bollywood, enough to win this battle. Mumbai is also known for its theatres, comedy shows, live music, award ceremonies and more, so demand is always in short supply here.

9). Air pollution

Excessive vehicles on the roads, industrial centers near residential areas, proximity to desert areas, and hay burning have severely compromised Delhi's air quality. Every year, the city ranks among the top 10 most polluted cities in the world. Due to Mumbai's coastal location, sea breezes and heavy rainfall play an important role in cleaning the air. Fewer cars and greater reliance on public transportation also help reduce pollution levels. So, if you want to live in a more breathing city, Mumbai should be at the top of your list.

10). Security

These, along with air pollution, are Delhi's biggest drawbacks. Delhi ranks 1st out of 19 major Indian cities in terms of reported crime rate, with Mumbai 15th. Delhi has recently been known for its high crime rates, especially against women. Three or four high-profile sexual assault cases have tarnished Delhi's image. This perception has become more pronounced thanks to social media and news sites. Admittedly, Delhi is not as safe as Mumbai. Women should be especially careful when going out alone at night or in secluded places. In Mumbai, you no longer have to think about staying out late or taking public transport at unusual hours. Mumbai is the most populous city in the country. As a result, you are always crowded and therefore relatively safe. Unwavering security, relationships, and a slew of professional women will make you feel safe and welcome no matter where you are.

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11). Cost of living

When it comes to cost of living, Mumbai is more expensive than Delhi in almost every way. Mumbai is actually the most expensive city in India to live in. Rents and property prices in Mumbai are exorbitant. A middle class can't afford decent accommodation in the city, whereas Delhi has options for everyone. Milk, vegetables, fruit, groceries, alcohol and heating oil are all more expensive in Mumbai. However, utilities and transport costs in Mumbai are slightly lower than in Delhi.

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12).Nearby connections and dating

Delhi is not only a popular tourist destination but also has an edge when it comes to weekend trips. There are many farms and resorts on the outskirts of Derry, perfect for breaking the monotony of city life. AgraJaipurNeemrana and Jim Corbett National Parks are a four hour drive from Derry. If you want to go to the hills, you can plan to visit Shimla, Mussoorie, Nainital and many other scenic hill stations which are only a few hours away. As the capital, Delhi is extremely well connected with the rest of the country and the world. Mumbai residents have few escape options around Matheran, Lonavala, Mahabaleshwar and Khandala. The favorite holiday destinations of Mumbai people aregoaIt is approximately 500 km from Mumbai.

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13). History and culture

Derry is rich in history and extraordinary sights can be found in every corner of this historic city. Some of the finest examples of Mughal architecture are the Jama Masjid, Qutub Minar, Humayun's Tomb, Red Fort, Safda Lord's Tomb, Purana Kira and Jantar Mantar. In areas such as Hauz Khas Village, Chandni Chowk and Lodhi Gardens, you can see how Delhi's past and present blend perfectly together. Mughal and Indian cultures have survived centuries of rivalry, and famous scientists, poets and artists can be found in every corner of the bustling metropolis. Mumbai's reputation under the British rule cannot be compared with Delhi in terms of history or culture.

14).Freedom and Viewpoint

Mumbai has a laid-back, cosmopolitan outlook and adheres to a 'cohabitation' policy. Mumbai people are relaxed, calm, hospitable, genuine and helpful. They don't judge others, mind their own business, and are resilient. Unconventional dress, lifestyle and behavior are accepted without question. Delhiites, on the other hand, are traditional, flamboyant, curious, judgmental and aggressive. They love to brag and comment, have strong opinions, and argue/swear based on your cues. Harassment, unprofessionalism, petty fighting and road rage are commonplace in Derry. However, it cannot be denied that racism is more prevalent in Mumbai than in Delhi. Delhi welcomes all ethnic groups while Mumbai is biased against several castes.

I've listed most of the points above. Now it depends on which city you prefer: Mumbai or Delhi. If you have anything to add, please leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Which city is best Mumbai or Delhi? ›

Both cities have their unique charm, which ultimately depends on what you're looking for. If you're interested in history and culture, Delhi is your place. But if you're more interested in experiencing the glamour and glitz of cosmopolitan life, then Mumbai is for you.

Should I go to Delhi or Mumbai? ›

Delhi or Mumbai – Which City to Choose for Holidaying? If you prefer a coastal destination with plenty of shopping options, good food and luxurious hotels, you can pick Mumbai. On the other hand, if you are a history and architecture buff who loves exploring ancient monuments, you must plan a trip to Delhi.

Which city in India is best to move to? ›

Summing Up: Most Livable Cities in India

In the 2022 list, Bangalore secured first position, followed by Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Surat, Navi Mumbai, Coimbatore, Vadodara, Indore and Greater Mumbai. Cities are judged based on culture and environment, stability, health, infrastructure and education.

Which is richer Mumbai or Delhi? ›

With an estimated GDP of $310 billion, Mumbai ranks number one in the list of the richest cities in India.

Which city is cleaner Delhi or Mumbai? ›

Air Pollution

India. Delhi ranked as the most polluted city in 2016. It still ranks as one of the most polluted cities in the world. Mumbai, ranked comparatively much lower at 94 (2016).

Why Delhi is better than Mumbai? ›

Costs Of living

In both cities, the cost of food is almost the same. While Mumbai is less expensive in terms of transportation, clothes, personal care, and entertainment, the cost of lodging in Mumbai is 52 percent more than in Delhi. As a result, Delhi earns another point for having a 4% lower cost of living.

Why Delhi is best to live? ›

This city is well connected not only to the nearby cities or other states in India but from different parts of the world. From a range of public transport options like autos, rickshaws, E- rickshaws, and local buses to private cabs and Delhi Metro connecting every part of Delhi NCR from each other.

Which is more developed Mumbai or Delhi? ›

Mumbai has a higher per capita income than the rest of India due to its strong economic base and high levels of industry and commerce. Delhi also has a relatively high per capita income compared to the rest of India, driven by its strong economic growth and diverse industries.

What is the lifestyle of people in Delhi? ›

Despite the fast-paced lifestyle, Delhiites take pride in their culture and traditions and celebrate festivals such as Diwali, Christmas, and Eid with great fervour. People of the city share a common love for food, music, and art, which brings them together and creates a sense of community.

Which is the happiest city in India to live? ›

Kanpur in India's Uttar Pradesh is the only city from India to be in the list of the happiest cities.

Which is the No 1 beautiful city in India? ›

Varanasi. One of India's most beautiful cities, Varanasi is a wonderful destination. The city is one of the holiest for Hindus across the world, situated by the holy River Ganga, the city is a spiritual wonder where people come to seek blessings.

Which Indian city has nicest people? ›

The most welcoming cities in India are (ranked 1 to 5): Palolem (Goa), Agonda (Goa), Mararikulam (Kerala), Jaisalmer (Rajasthan), and Thekkady (Kerala).

Which is the cleanest city in India? ›

Indore - Cleanest City in India & Well-developed Infrastructure. Indore, the state's largest and most populous city, won the title of 'Cleanest City'. It is the headquarters of the Indore District and the Indore Division.

Which Indian city is richest? ›

Mumbai, the wealthiest city in the nation, serves as India's financial centre and is the residence to many of the country's billionaires.

In which Indian city most billionaires live? ›

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is also home to the maximum number of billionaires in the country. According to the 2023 M3M Hurun Global Rich List, 66 of India's 187 billionaires live in Mumbai.

Is Delhi or Mumbai safer? ›

Whether you are visiting Delhi or in Mumbai, you'll need to be careful with your valuables as sometimes there are pickpockets. Women are also recommended not to travel alone at night. This is especially important in Delhi. In general, Mumbai is safer than Delhi but travelers still need to take precautions.

Is Delhi air quality better than Mumbai? ›

Delhi vs Mumbai air quality

Cities like Delhi are in a disadvantageous position as it is landlocked for all sides. In comparison, Mumbai is a coastal city and naturally has the advantage of natural cleansing. Stronger surface winds blow away air pollutants from the land and bring in the fresh air.

Which city is more polluted Mumbai or Delhi? ›

Historical data shows that Mumbai has been more polluted than Delhi less often in the past. To be sure, such historical comparison may not be very accurate.

Why do people love Mumbai? ›

Mumbai is a mix of iconic old-world charm architecture, strikingly modern high rises, cultural and traditional structures, and whatnot. The city is known as the commercial capital of India, but there is more to it than that. Mumbai is all about art, history, culture, food, theatre, cinema, nightlife and a lot more.

What are the cons of living in Delhi? ›

Delhi is one of the most expensive cities in India, and the cost of living can be high. Housing, food, and transportation can be expensive, and the city's high standard of living can make it difficult for some to afford a comfortable lifestyle.

Why is Delhi so special? ›

Delhi is of great historical significance as an important commercial, transport, and cultural hub, as well as the political centre of India. According to legend, the city was named for Raja Dhilu, a king who reigned in the region in the 1st century bce.

Why do people love Delhi so much? ›

A Piece of History. Again, Delhi is and was the capital of India, which also means that it was the hub of architecture and constructions, regardless of whether it was the Mughal era or the British era. As a result, you will never run out of places to see and visit in Delhi.

Why do people want to go to Delhi? ›

Architectural Splendour

Over the years, Delhi has seen many architectural wonders such as Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Isa Khan's Tomb, Jama Masjid, Lutyens Delhi and so many others. Exploring, discovering all of these tourist attractions make Delhi a very amazing tourist attraction to explore.

What are 3 good things about Delhi? ›

Delhi is even popular for its great museums like National Museum, Philatelic Museum, Indian Air force Museum, Shankar's International Dolls Museum, National Science Centre, Nehru Planetarium, Kiran Nadar Museum of Heart, National Rail Museum, Tibet House, Indira Gandhi Memorial Museum, National Handlooms and ...

Why Mumbai is the No 1 city in India? ›

It's best known for being home to Bollywood and some of India's richest entrepreneurs, businessmen, and celebrities. While most people still love to call it Bombay and relive the nostalgia that comes with it, Mumbai is of the fastest and busiest metro cities of India.

Which city is more populous Delhi or Mumbai? ›

Mumbai most populous city in India

According to the latest Indian census, Mumbai is the most populous city in the country.

Is Delhi a good place to settle? ›

Delhi is one of the affordable places to live in. It offers excellent infrastructure, owing to which people from all corners of the country migrate here.


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