Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012. - [PDF file] (2023)

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Colorado Department of Local Affairs

    Ministry of Housing Affairs


    Public Housing Department Program

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Colorado Department of Local Affairs

    PHA Annual Plan 2011-2012. content

    executive Summary

    HUD-50075 PHA Form Schedule Template

    Appendix A

    Goals and Goals and Progress on Goals and Goals Appendix B: PHAA Program Update. PHA Program Project Update

    B. Location of Copies of Five-Year and Annual Plans C. Elements of the PHA Plan

    1. Eligibility. Principles of selection and employment 2. Financial resources3. 4. Determination, operation and management of rent 5.

    PHA Appeals Process

    6. Community and self-sufficiency7. Certificate of civil rights 8. Fiscal Year Audit 9. Violence Against Women 10. PHAPlan Items Changed Since Last Annual Edition

    Submit your work:

    Appendix C: Real estate and engineering certificates 1. Family property 2. Design Based Coupons


    Appendix E: Strategies for Meeting Housing Needs

    Appendix F: Additional Information

    1. Meeting Mission and Goal Progress Statement 2. Institutional Plan Revision 3. Resident Advisory Committee Recommendations4. Statement of Compliance with the Comprehensive Plan

    Appendix G: Mandatory Submission to HUD Field Office for Review 1. Form HUD-50077 PHA Certificate of Compliance

    The PHA plan and related regulations2 set out the opinion of the Resident Advisory Board (RAB).

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Annual Plan Summary

    The mission of the Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA) DHousing (DOH) is to provide Coloradans with safe, decent housing

    cheap apartment. We do this by helping communities achieve their goals. DOLA is the only department in the state with both a unified program and a public housing agency program. The HousingChoice Voucher (HCV) program is an important federal program

    Program helps low-income families, seniors and

    To provide decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market as federally required, DOH must provide 75 percent of its housing stock

    Applicants whose income is less than 30% of their income. Median Income Levels are published by HUD and vary

    DOH is one of the accredited agencies of the Colorado AdministrationoProgram. DOH currently administers 2,693 guarantees

    Counties across the country. DOHs HCV Home Self-Reliance (Home Ownership Program promotes and provides education and operational

    Families are financially self-sufficient; help ends; and recycling coupons are provided for n other families

    DOH must meet U.S. Department of Urban Development (HUD) requirements to operate as a brothel

    (PHA), including development of a 5-year PHA plan and an annual plan describing implementation

    program, including information about current needs from the console

    and the composition of existing waiting lists in each state. Many are often developed in response to federal requirements. Ann every year

    The premise is if we achieve our goals and work hard to achieve our mission. Annual Program Statement and Summary of Rules

    Achieve the goals and objectives of our five-year plan. Taken as a whole, they outline a coherent and consistent approach

    Comprehensive plan.

    As part of the agency program review process, DOH established a resident

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    DOH also reviewed all internal policies and procedures to ensure compliance with changes to federal program policy guidance.

    Updates and presentations at the annual Section 8 DOHhall meeting of the agencies administering the DOH Section 8 program, including

    PHA's annual plan.

    Each year, DOH conducts a statewide housing survey to determine

    Number of families on the PHA waiting list in Colorado. investigation, people

    A time snapshot shows that, in January 2011, at approximately 35,287 f

    They are awaiting state rent assistance. This confirms that the lowest renters in Colorado do not have adequate rent subsidies.

    DOH strives to improve our customer service by continually recruiting staff who employ high-quality practices and initiatives. Add to

    Additional HCV funding is being applied for as a result of HUD's Notice of Funding (NOFA). DOH tends to them

    quality of life for participants in these programs and to ensure that those who are truly eligible continue to work towards assistance

    and prevent fraud. Overall, DOH has been providing quality affordable housing for the very low, very low

    Helps earning families in Colorado by running high-quality family programs.

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    PHA 5 - let me

    Annual plan

    U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Planning


    Bureau of Public and Indian Housing


    1.0 PHA Information PHA Name: ________________________________________________________________ PHA Code: ______

    PHA Type: Small High Yield Standard HCV (Part 8)

    Beginning of PHA tax year: (MM/YYYY): ____________

    Inventory 2.0 (acc units based on fiscal year beginning with 1.0 above)

    Number of PH units: ______________________________________________________________________________________

    3.0 Report Types

    5-year and 1-year plans Annual plan only 5-year plan only

    4.0 PHA Consortium PHA Consortium: (Check the box if submitting joint plan and complete form

    Participate in PHAsPHAC

    Participate in alliance projects

    non-joint plan

    PHA 1:

    PHA 2:

    Propionic acid 3:

    5.0 five-year plan. Complete steps 5.1 and 5.2 only when updating your 5-year plan.

    5.1 Mission. The mission of the New York State PHA is to meet the needs of the low, very low and very low income population

    Jurisdiction Over the Next Five Years: Colorado Department of Local Affairs, Department of Housing (DOH) Mission to Ensure Coloradans Live

    cheap apartment. We do this by helping communities achieve their housing goals. In addition to ensuring adequate conditions, it ensures family self-sufficiency, economic opportunities and a non-discriminatory living environment.

    Because safe and affordable housing is fundamental to the ultimate success of all Colorado communities, DOH will be

    The focus is on housing people who earn 30-50% less than the area average.

    SSttaattee ooffCCoolloorraaddoo CCoonnssoolliiddaatteeddPPlaann

    DOH partners with Department of Local Affairs, Department of Local Government to prepare Colorado

    The New York State Comprehensive Plan is an annual action plan that articulates DOH's strategy and goals for affordable communities. DOH relies on numerous resources and publications to identify families with the greatest financial need

    These sources include our biannual Colorado Home Vacancy and Rent Survey, or

    Reports (a combination of demand and regulatory barriers), PHA waitlist surveys, and income from information derived from these reports were supplemented by data from the Population Division of the Department of Local Affairs and

    All the information above was used to prepare the PHA plan and Sectio's 5-year strategy

    Strategies and action items in the integrated national plan are used as benchmarks to increase production

    Development of JZS annual plans and activities and individual work goals D

    Colorado plans delivery and customer service.

    In addition, DOH has created a Community Housing Assistance Team, or CHATS worker, to work with

    Identify housing needs in Colorado, prepare housing plans and strategies, and identify potential housing financing options for new housing developments. The team has staff in Denver, two field offices and headquarters in Colorado

    housing projects across the country.

    Through these efforts, the housing needs of low-income Coloradans were identified and acted on

    The needs outlined in the Strategic Objectives of the DOH Annual Plan are as follows:

    These goals are contained in the Unified State Plan, which can be viewed at: http://www.dola.colorado.g

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    7.0 Nada VI, Modernization or Expansion of Hybrid Finance, Demolition and/or Liquidation, Reconstruction of Public Infrastructure

    Program and project credentials. Include statements about these procedures where applicable.

    See Appendix C8.0 Capital Investments. Complete Sections 8.1 to 8.3 as appropriate.

    8.1 Annual Report/Equity Fund Plan Performance Evaluation Report. In 5 years of PHA and An

    Complete and submit Annual Report/Equity Fund Program Performance and Evaluation Report, Form HUD-500open CFPgrant and CFFP Grant.

    8.2 Five-year action plan for the capital plan. As part of submitting their annual plan, PHAs must complete a five-year plan action plan, form HUD-50075.2, and subsequent annual updates (ongoing, such as five-year plan waivers). The five-year action plan must include key capital positions.

    8.3 Capital Fund Financing Program (CFFP).

    Check if the PHA is willing to use any portion of its Capital Fund Program (CFP)/Replacement Housing Factor (RHF)

    Financial capital improvement.

    9.0 Housing Requirements. Based on information provided by the applicable comprehensive plan, information provided by HUD,

    data, making a reasonable effort to identify the housing needs of low-, very-low-, and very-low-income jurisdictions served by the PHA, including elderly, disabled, and mixed-race households

    Other families on social housing waiting lists, and under section 8.

    Affordability, supply, quality, availability, unit size and location issues. See Appendix D

    9.1 Strategies for Meeting Housing Needs. Brief Description of PHA's Housing Strategy

    Jurisdiction and waitlist for the following year. Note: Small, fraction 8 only and high yield cPHA

    Submit the plan together with the five-year plan.

    See Appendix E

    10.0 Additional Information. Describe the following, and any other information requested by HUD.

    (a) Progress towards meeting the mission and objectives of the Conference. Brief report on PHA's progress in fulfilling its mission

    Annual plan. (b) Material Changes and Material Deviations/Modifications. Definition of important amens according to PHA


    See Appendix F

    11.0 Submission to HUD Field Office inspection is required. Use the PHA plan template (HUD-50075), PHA. Items (a) through (g) may be submitted by mail or electronically scanned and signed, but

    encourage. Items (h) through (i) must be electronically attached to the PHA plan. NOTE: Facsimile copies of these documents

    by field offices.

    (a) Form HUD-50077, PHA Certification of Compliance with the PHA Program and Related Regulations (including Civil Rights)

    (b) Form HUD-50070, Drug-Free Workplace Certification (CFP-approved PHAs only)

    (c) Form HUD-50071, Acknowledgment of Payment Affecting Federal Transactions (CFP awarded PHA only)

    (d) Form SF-LLL, Lobbying Disclosure (CFP Grant PHA only)

    (e) Form SF-LLL-A, Lobbying Tracking Form (CFP Grant PHA only)

    (f) Comments of the Standing Advisory Board (RAB). Comments received from the RAB must be submitted to the PHA as a plan. PHAs must also include a description describing their analysis of the recommendations and decisions made

    (g) Matters in dispute

    (h) Form HUD-50075.1, Annual Capital Plan Statement/Performance and Evaluation Report (PHA Certified

    (i) Form HUD-50075.2, Five-Year Capital Plan Action Plan (CFP PHA only)

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.



    Collection of such information is permitted under Section 511 of the Quality Housing and Employment Responsibility Act, which adds a news section

    From 1937, revised to introduce 5-year and 1-year PHAPlans. PHA's 5-year and 1-year plans provide ready sources of information

    PHA policy, policy, and requirements for PHA operations, programs, and services, and informs HUD, families in the community, and PHA's mission and strategy to meet the needs of low- and very-low-income families. This form should be used b

    HUD's 5-year and 1-year plans. The public reporting burden associated with information collection is estimated to average 12.68 hours per day

    Viewing instructions, searching existing data sources, collecting and maintaining required data, and completing and reviewing forms may not collect this information and respondents are not required to complete this form unless they show current and valid OMB verification

    Privacy Law Notice. U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development has the right to request information

    Title 12, United States Code, Section 1701 et seq., and regulations promulgated under Title 12 of the Code of Federal Regulations. Answer

    Necessary to obtain or maintain benefits. The requested information is not confidential


    HUD-50075 Manual

    applicability. This form applies to all public housing agencies

    (PHA) for tax year filing beginning April 1, 2008

    The 5-year and 1-year plans are 24 CFR Part 903 compliant. Previous versions are only available until April 30, 2008.

    1.0 PHA information

    Enter the full PHA Name, PHA Code, PHA Type, and the start of the PHA's fiscal year (MM/YYYY).

    2.0 invention

    For each plan, enter the number of Annual Contribution Agreements (ACC) for public housing (PH) and Section 8 units (HCV).

    3.0 Report Types

    Please indicate that this is an annual and five-year annual plan submission

    Plan only or 5 year plan only.

    4.0 PHA Consortium Please check this box if you are submitting a consortium PHA plan and completing the form.

    5.0 five-year plan

    Identify the mission, goals, and/or objectives of the PHA (24 CFR903.6). Only 5 years of upgrades completed.

    5.1 Mission. Public Housing Agency Mission Statements

    Serves low-, very-low-, and very-low-income households under the jurisdiction of the PHA during the year

    plan covered.

    5.2 Purpose and Purpose. Identify measurable goals and objectives that will enable the PAH to meet the needs of low-income populations, very

    Families with very low incomes and incomes.

    PHA 6.0 planned update. In addition to the items listed in the factory template, the PHA must provide the items listed below at all times

    public opinion. In addition, the PHA must:

    (a) Specify which elements of the plan have changed since the PHA submitted the plan.

    (b) Determine where to obtain five-year and one-year plans. The PHA must issue at least a PHA plan,

    Include updates, in each Asset Management Project (AMP)

    and JZU's main or central office. They are PHAs

    Posting of the complete PHA plan on the official PHA l d t id hid t website is strongly encouraged

    2. Economic means. Here is the list of gen

    projected resources, other projected federal re

    and rent and

    support public housing or t

    The statement should also include ways to support each alliance

    Plan to use resources

    3. Determine the rent. Rent payments are regulated by stPHA

    residential unit.

    4. Operation and management

    Standards and Rules

    Housing Management for Public Housing Agencies

    necessary for prevention

    Infestation, including cockroaches

    PHAs and procedures

    5. Complaint handling procedures. I

    and informal questions

    available to its residents

    6. An apartment in E is related to a brothel

    Administered by PHA, desc

    they) are appointed or registered in the following year

    Elderly and Disabled Families include the following information

    and number; 2) name

    date is about

    (Video) SUNBELT GENERAL SESSION: The Future of Housing

    commit and; 5)

    7. Community Work and Sof: (1) Applicable to all projects

    provide or assist

    or the Economic and Social Self-Insurance Scheme of Polish Humanitarian Organizations

    Include programs under S

    The PHA will comply with

    services and treatments, including

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    9. Animals. PHA Statement of Principles i

    Requirements for Keeping Pets in Public Places


    10. Civil Rights Documentation. PHA will be considered

    Civil Rights Compliant and AFFH Certified

    If: Can document that it is reviewing its plans and proposed plans to identify any impediments to integrity

    Choose apartments according to these procedures; eliminate these distractions in a reasonable way, taking into account the art

    resources available; working with local authorities

    implement any jurisdictional measures

    eventual continuation of fair housing; and ensuring that annual plans are aligned with applicable comprehensive plans

    Plan your jurisdiction.

    11. Amendments to the tax year. Results of PHA's last financial audit.

    12. Asset management. A statement of how the agency will do this

    Perform property management functions related to

    The agency's public housing inventory, including

    The agency will plan for long-term operations, capital investment, rehabilitation, modernization, disposal and

    Other needs for such supplies.

    13. Violence against Women Act (VAWA). describe

    z: 1) All activities, services or programs of the institution directly or in connection with it

    other service providers, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or

    hunting; 2) all activities, services, or programs provided by the PHA to assist child and adult victims

    domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, harassment, or harassment to obtain or maintain housing; and 3) any

    Activities, services or programs offered or offered

    the housing agency responsible for combating domestic violence,

    Dating, sexual abuse and stalking or increasing the safety of victims in assisted families.

    7.0 Hope Six, Modernization or Development of Blended Finance,

    Demolition and/or liquidation, conversion of public housing, home ownership plans and project certificates

    (a) Hope VI or Mixed Finance upgrade or development 1) Description of any unit (including project number if

    PHA will apply for HOPEVI or known) and number of units) for modernization or hybrid financing development; and 2)A

    Timeline for Submitting Applications or Applications

    Application and Approval Process for Hope VI, Hybrid Funding

    Upgrading or development is a separate process. See instructions on the HUD website:

    (b) Removal and/or disposal. As for the public room

    Projects owned by PHA and ACC under the Act: (1) A description of any development (including project number and unit number [or address]) and number of units affected

    and their size and availability)

    PHA will seek or is currently awaiting removal or

    (2) demolition plan or

    the real estate agent

    2) Project analysis

    converts; and 3) statement

    Receive housing assistance under this chapter

    View HUD guides

    (d) Home Ownership. Description (including item number and

    Institution or for which PH

    It was approved.

    (e) Project Credentials. if

    Project Voucher Program

    number of project units

    The basis of the design is consi

    8.0 Capital Upgrade. This section is the capital fund plan. about this point

    Facilitated or operated by a brothel

    capital improvement needed

    Project profitability must be complete. Items listed in points 8.1 to 8.

    Instruct and send electronically, al

    Submit your plans.

    8.1 Annual report on stock fund plan evaluation. Basic PHA

    Annual Statement/Program Performance per Cap (Form HUD-50075.1)

    Taken from Cprihod of the year. Additionally, the form sh


    (a) Submission of preliminary estimates (b) Performance report

    Advance to all open grants

    (c) Document budget adjustments related to grants or CFFPs, such as changes in budget allowances

    from commit

    Annual National Program Fund

    The evaluation report must be

    Additionally, the PHA will complete

    Assessment report section (see leg

    Statement on Annual Plan/Execution

    HUD-50075.1), not applicable

    1. At the end of a completed procedure or all measures a2. When modifying A

    Appears without financial outlay

    Apply from PHA

    3. Completion or when due

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    A portion of its CFP/RHF funds are used to repay debt arising from the financing

    capital improvement. The PHA must be in its annual and 5-

    Annual payment required for the annual capital plan

    repay loan. The PHA must also file an annual statement detailing the use of CFFP income. Check the HUD for hints


    9.0 Housing Requirements. Submit a statement regarding the housing needs of the family residing within the jurisdiction of the PZZ, and the motivation for adopting these needs

    PHA intends to address them to the best of its ability

    Require. (Note: Standard and questionable PHAs are filled annually; small

    and High Performers are only done if the annual plan is loaded in your 5-year plan).

    9.1 Strategies for Meeting Housing Needs. please provide a description

    ZZZ Strategies for housing care for families in the jurisdiction and on the waiting list for the next year.

    (Note: Standard and Heavy PHAs are completed annually; Low and High PHAs are only completed when annual plans are submitted

    5-year plan).

    10.0 Additional Information. Describe the following and any other information requested by HUD:

    (a) Progress towards meeting the mission and objectives of the Conference. PHAs must

    Include (i) a statement of the PHA's progress towards meeting the same requirements

    the mission and goals described in the five-year plan; (ii) the main criteria that the PHA will use to determine the value of the material

    Revised five-year plan; major changes or additions to 5-year and 1-year plans

    plan. (NOTE: Standard and questionable PHAs have been discontinued

    per year; small and efficient devices are only suitable for

    The annual plan is submitted together with the five-year plan).

    (b) Material changes and materials

    Deviations/Modifications. PHA must provide definition

    Major corrections and major deviations/modifications. (Note: standard and questionable

    PHA completed annually; low and high marks

    For the annual plan submitted together with the five-year plan, only fill in

    plan. )

    (c) PHAs must include or refer to their

    with HUD or

    (Napomena: Standard i Troub

    11.0 Submit HUD O Field Request

    Complete package, PHA must be mailed or electronically signed with Art

    (i) will be sent electronically to aPlan.

    (a) Form HUD-50077, PHA Certified PHA Plan and relevant R's

    (b) Form HUD-50070, Receipt

    (PHAs receive CFP grants

    (c) Form HUD-50071, Certification

    Federal Transactions (PHA

    (d) Form SF-LLL, Disclosure L

    CFP grants only)

    (e) Form SF-LLL-A, Disclosure

    Tracking sheet (PHA for

    (f) Standing Advisory Committee (RA

    (g) Controversial Cases. Open

    A plan that has been questioned.

    (h) Form HUD-50075.1, Equity Interest

    Reports/Performance and E

    electronically connected to the Ponly). See instructions in 8.1

    (i) Form HUD-50075.2, Capital Investment Action Plan (valid only for recipients of CFP grants).

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Annex A Aims and Objectives.

    Identify measurable PHA goals and goals to implement

    The PHA meets the needs of low- and very-low-income households for the next five years. Considering that Polish humanitarian organizations are

    Described in the previous five-year plan.

    A. Goal - Increase the Availability of Assisted Housing Goal

    1. Apply for the maximum number of new Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) vouchers offered by HUD

    2. Adopt strategies and options that will maintain the maximum size of the HCV3 program. Explore ways to expand service delivery to all residential markets


    progress. He applied for and received 100 family reunion vouchers, and

    Allowed to continue FUP 2010 program

    B.C. Additional application for 100 family reunion coupons

    Housing vouchers, implementation of the VASH 2010d program. In 2010, an application for the Disability Elderly Voucher was submitted. Project based on 25 vouchers VASH2010 - 2011f. Request Credentials 2011 VASH based set. Set implementation date for all chargeable ports of entry

    Good 2010-2011

    B. Goal - Improve the quality of assisted housing

    Goal 1. Maintaining High Performance, Section 8 of ManagementAsse

    Results of the program (SEMAP)2. Take advantage of available coupons

    3. Explore new and existing funding options to coordinate and link support services to accommodation

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    C. Goal - Increase Housing Choice

    Goal 1. Raise payment standards when necessary2. Continuation of homeownership programs during the statistical period

    3. Develop a strategy to provide training and outreach to LandProgress

    A. Update Tenant Information Pack 2011b. Approved payment standard between 110-120% F

    Market rent 2010 -2011c. Homeowners Guide Update 2011d. 2011 Update to the Family Self-Reliance Guide. develop a training program for asset managers to b

    Understanding the needs of people with disabilities and providing accommodation for them in 2011

    D. Purpose - Improve self-confidence

    Goal 1. Increase the number of families participating in home self-government

    Sufficiency Scheme (FSS) and further to establish and manage escrow accounts for families participating in FSS

    2. Identify and enable Accessibility Services3. Find new partnerships with participants to improve social and e-services

    4. Explore ways to fund, coordinate, and connect supportive service communities.

    progress. He submitted a request for an additional fee for the FSS Coordinator, which would allow

    Expansion of the FSS 2010 program

    B. We conducted a salary survey to justify the additional cost of adding an STF coordinator that would allow us to

    Program 2010c. One of the key staff members of FSS 2010 identified

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    E. Purpose - Ensuring Equal Opportunity and Of course Greater Distance


    Goal 1. Further improve the distribution of fair housing information2. Take affirmative action to ensure access for all

    Regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, or known disability

    A. Staff Appointed to Oversee Fair Housing Activities 2010b. The Fair Housing Initiative team was appointed to handle FairHousing 2010c. DOH works with housing supports and the homeless

    Prepare to Renew Status Program (SHHP)

    Fair Housing Barriers Analysis 2010d. We conduct an online survey for our housing providers, and

    Barriers to Fair Housing (Research Notice

    800+ emails sent, 119 received

    Answer 2010e. Updated narrative on fair housing issues for people with disabilities

    Disability in the 2010 Outline Plan

    F. Goals – Improving housing care systems Goal 1. Assess current HCV program management

    2. Provide training3 for employees and contractors. Submit the National Utility Rate Schedule annually

    4. Maintain and develop an effective reporting system to improve operational efficiency

    V. Capacity building of local housing intermediaries

    progress. Evaluate and upgrade your PC software to Elite toimpro

    Accounting and Financial Reporting 2010-2011

    B. Provides annual training sponsored by Nan McKay on eligibility and occupancy and DOH review

    and the federal regulations governing the 2010-2c program. Statewide Fee Schedule Listing All Contr


  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    hG Purpose - Seek partnerships that help achieve affordable housing goals

    Goal 1. Collaborate with other local, state, and federal agencies2. Provide leadership, support and strengthen partnerships

    Affordable help from federal, state and local agencies

    (Video) PD&R March Quarterly Update

    3. Explore opportunities and resources to provide and encourage support services linked to housing improvement

    A. Work with the Department of Health Policy and Finance to apply for funding to strengthen the infrastructure of the Medical Waiver Program. If the request is approved, it starts

    DOH Supports Housing Strategy to Move People From Nursing Centers to the Community 2010-20

    B. Partnership with Supportive Housing and Homelessness Programs Provides the State Department's Annual 20 Benefits Program

    2011c. He worked with the Veterans Association on the 25o base project

    Give away 50 VASH coupons every quarter. Work in coordination with VA Case Managers and Denvnon-Profit Additional to provide comprehensive support services 20

    D. HUD has submitted an application to the 50voucheColorado Coalition for approval of a homeless program database that will provide

    Support Services 2010-2011e. have worked with (human services) and housin

    Service Providers Related to the 2010 Family Reunification Program

    F. DOH is currently working with Social Serve ( to build disaster housing. This includes press releases/announcements. Ton

    Stakeholders are (SHHP, CHFA, HUD) and crisis management (FEMA, DEM, American Red Cross, Mile High

    Way) and advisory members who spoke on behalf of special populations, including older adults and people with disabilities in 2010-2011.

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Appendix B

    PHA 6.0 Planned Update

    A) Identify any elements of the PHA plan that have changed since the last annual filing:

    **Waiting List Preference** Informal Screening and Interview* ProjectBase

    * Billing Policy * Pro rata Rent Policy * Temporary Policy * Level 6 PIH Validation Hierarchy Notice 2010-19 * Portability Policy

    *To be added to Administrative Plan **Included in PHA

    B) Designate specific locations where the public can obtain the five-year and one-year plans. The PHA's FY 2011 plan is available for public inspection at the Department of Housing Offices, 1313 Sherman Street, Denver, CO, Room 518

    From 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

    The PHA's 20-year annual plan can also be found at: http://www.dola.colorado

    Like every one of our Kont


    C) Elements of a PHA Program (24CFR 903.7)1. Eligibility, selection and admissions rules, including

    waiting list

    A. Eligibility All households must provide a social security number, social security number documentation and proof

    Every household member All households must provide proof of citizenship or eligibility

    immigration status. All households must meet income requirements

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    DOH is a government agency that contracts with local public agencies, government boards, and non-profit organizations

    organize. Waitlists are maintained at the contractor's premises. DOH offers flexible waiting lists for each contracted beneficiary as long as federal and DOH administrative program requirements are met.

    C. DOH claim time will extend initial voucher issuance to max

    The number of days for an extension if the family needs and requests it. d. PreferencesDOH has identified preferences and prioritized those who meet the criteria. The preference system can be selected from a priority list and based on the date and time of submission of the request. Advantage 1. Families with homeless persons

    Families with victims of domestic violence. Families Affected by Natural Disasters

    Advantage 2. Families currently participating in education, training or moba programs Families currently working

    Priority is given to working families if the head of household and dependents are 62 or older or disabled

    Families currently participating in a DOH TBRA or TANF program Families currently on the HPRP waiting list

    3 Date and time settings

    Family number 1 because they were homeless and homeless based on the date and time of registration and family number 2 because family members are currently registered

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    DOH also gives equal weight to preferences, meaning more than one preference does not improve family status


    If a family is eligible for multiple choice, they are 1 because they are homeless, 2 because they are participating in a home education or training program, 3, depending on the date and time of application, the other family is 1 because They are homeless and within 3 days depending on the date and time, the executor will consider the application received first

    Target Income DOH program achieves federal goal of 75% of new Voucher Pto household admissions at or below 30% of area median income, or 25% of new household admissions at or below 1% of area median income .

    The ratio of preferences to target income requires the use of men, because it is guaranteed that the applicant's family pool meets the target income requirements

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    2. Financial Resources CFR part 903.79 (b) Projected Program Resources

    DOLA receives a variety of federal and state funding, including the HUD amounts shown below, to help meet housing, community, and economic development needs. Bring these resources together and combine them with funding from jurisdictional and private sources to maximize cost-effectiveness and expand public funding.

    HUD Formula Fund Management

    Ministry of Local Affairs evaluates investment fund AmHome (HOME)

    Emergency Shelter Grant (ESG)

    Community Development Block Grant (CDBG)

    Housing Options for People with AIDS (HOPWA)

    Section 8 Accommodation Choice Voucher

    Other Estimated Federal Resources

    Homelessness Prevention and Rapid Resettlement Program (HPRP)

    Low Income Energy Assistance Program

    blocking support for social services

    Social Services Block Grant Refund (CSBG-R)

    HUDs Challenge Grant w połączeniu z DOTs TIGER II GrantFundfor the Sustainable Main Streets Initiative

    Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP1)

    McKinney Homeless Assistance (all CoC areas)

    Metro Denver Homelessness Initiative CoCHomeward Pikes PeakCoC State CoC Balance

    Estimated State Funding

    housing subsidies

    estimate other resources

    local government

    Contribution of the non-profit sector to the project

    Contribution of the private sector to the project

    Colorado tax cut to prevent homelessness

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    3. Determination of Rent 24 CFR part 903.79(d)

    Payment Standard The DOH has established a counterparty payment standard (PS) for the current fair market rent (FMR) in the counterparty's jurisdiction. Affordability adjustments could be made to provide additional subsidies to help households afford rent. TheVoucher Prois aims to keep the rent at 40% of the rent.

    100% FMR up to 110% (FMR) bonus just in case

    Basis Up to 110% (RMR)a across geographic area

    Managed by credentials. The Contractor's written request shall be submitted together with backup documents justifying the request.

    Up to 120% of FMR may be awarded based on accommodation application. DOH will review and submit for approval. Contractors should send an email to the agency's DOH including: name, identification number, residential address, and reason for request. DOH files reHUD and notifies contractors Correspondence related to decision is stored in family files for records

    Minimum Rent [24 CFR 5.630] DOH sets a minimum monthly rent of $50. A household may waive this requirement if, after examining the household's income and assets, the contractor determines that the household is unable to pay the minimum rent. Contractors must document difficult family circumstances and state whether the hardship is temporary or long-term. if difficult

    For the time being, families must report their income for 30 days. Weight determination is handled by a stateful IHearingProcess.

    HUD regulations specify the formula to calculate the total (TTP) f i t d f il TTP i th hi h t f th

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Household Share [24 CFR 982.305(a)(5)] If the household chooses Gross Rent (property rent plus

    Tenants who exceed DOH payment standards pay utility allowances): (1) Households will pay more than TTP, after initial housing, DOH may not approve subletting if household share must exceed 40% of adjusted household income. Income used for this determination must be verified at least 60 days prior to the issuance of the family certificate.

    4. Operations and Administration Organization Manage the day-to-day operations of the voucher program under the direction of the State Housing Board (SHB) and DO staff. The personnel information in this section only refers to the positions directly responsible for the projects at this level.

    DOH Staff DOH staff administers the Section 8 assistance program, from responding to HUD's Notice of Availability (NOFA) to training program contractors, the state and housing assistance, to paying homeowners to consider housing needs across the state as recommended

    Colorado Comprehensive Plan, which provides guidelines for developing strategies for state public housing agencies. DitsContractors is solely responsible for administering a housing program designed to provide rental assistance to families living in private housing.

    Colorado Housing Board The Colorado Housing Board (SHB) was established in

    Advises the General Assembly, the Governor, and the Colorado Housing Authority on Colorado's housing needs. Member-governor-apseven SHB reviews funding applications and adopts rules governing the DOH program. It is based on the DOH PHA agency plan, administrative plan and

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Project Manager This position is responsible for signing contracts with local agents

    The Program Manager is also responsible for overall program coordination and drafting the necessary agreements with local agencies during the fiscal year for program services and activities. In addition, agency heads maintain effective liaison with groups or individuals representing program interests and are responsible for their management. Project managers develop project materials, disseminate information to local agencies, and arrange meetings for contractors on project regulatory requirements and agency responsibilities.

    Portfolio managers respond to client complaints and programmatic issues. Oversee the day-to-day operations of the House Manager and oversee the monitoring of all 8co sections

    See below for residential property manager responsibilities.

    Residential Property Managers In 2011 there will be 2 property managers assigned to different geographic areas of the state. Management is responsible for procedural monitoring of contractors in accordance with Section 8 Accommodation Quality Statistics

    Property managers train new and existing housing agencies on the rules and regulations for Section 8 rental assistance, tenements, Veterans Affairs Housing (VASH), family reunification, and the FSS Self-Reliance Program. Asset managers organize meetings and training. Additionally, asset managers report job openings to use the program. Also provides technical assistance to contractors addressing household moves, income/rent adjustments, recertification, and more

    Tenant/landlord relations, contract termination, etc. Program Operations Manager/Budget Officer This position oversees the three Assistant Administrators who enter the Section 8 Program Database of HUD Statistics (Form 50058). This position is responsible for

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    The three positions of administrative assistant are responsible for daily data entry and filling

    Prepare electronic and paper payment vouchers. Answers informational calls from DOH contractors, laypersons, and families receiving rental assistance. Each assistant updates 50,058 household files with data on overdue subsidies and municipal benefits. In the position of Process Owner, the Section 8 database conducts refunds and reconciliations with DOH contractors for Section 8 programs and other programs in DOH. He is responsible for PIC submissions, PIC error corrections, reconciliation, bill tracking, repayment agreements, expense tracking and VMS reporting assistance.

    Program Assistant Program Assistant is responsible for assisting PIC transmitter debugging, various collection of HUD reports

    The Home Ownership Program, Payment and Expense Tracker is also responsible for the EIV setup and collection of updates to the program.

    Accounting Office Local Affairs Department Accounting Office closes 8 personnel to approve all financial expenditures

    about the program. Accountants maintain spreadsheets, year-round spreadsheets, pre-bill reconciliation spreadsheets, and other tracking mechanisms to maintain the financial integrity of the program. Quarterly financial reports are also filed with the REAC office.

    5. Appeal to PHA 24 CFR part 903.7

    Informal Audits and Hearings 24 CFR 982.54(d)(12) and (

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    In addition to decisions on informal assessment limits, informal program applicants and informal h

    Available to program participants. Decisions to limit aid to noncitizens always require an informal hearing, whether the family is an applicant or a participant

    A notice of rights notice must contain the following information:

    1. A brief rationale for the decision; 2. A statement that the family may request an informal or unofficial review if the family disagreesd

    listening; and 3. Deadline to submit family request (10

    from notification)

    Upon receipt of the family's request, pursuant to Section 8 of the DOH agreement, the

    reasonably fast way.

    Situations requiring an informal quotation Re1. Determining Annual Income or Adjusted Family Income

    And use that income to calculate housing benefits.

    2. Identify appropriate complements to public services. 3. Determine the size of the family unit within the non-attainment range.

    4. Determination of the family living in an apartment with more than a sufficient number of rooms within the scope of the subsidy standard or the determination of the family's request to deviate from the standard.

    5. A decision to terminate assistance to a participating family because of the family's action or inaction. 6. The determination to stop helping because

    A participant has been away from a supported entity for longer than the maximum period allowed.

    7. Provisions on the End of Family Autonomy

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Informal verification is not required for decisions related to: 1. Determining the size of a unit based on DOH allocations 2. Determining that a unit does not or does not meet the requirements of wt3. Refuse to submit a request to extend or suspend the validity period of the credential4. General Policy Questions or Complaints5. Administrative Discretion 6. Denial of Tenancy

    In all other cases, program applicants have the opportunity to have an informal review of the decision when requested by the applicant.

    The following situations do not require an informal hearing: 1. A unit is found not to be in compliance with HQS requirements; 2. A refusal to extend or suspend the validity of a credential; 3. An administrative decision; 4. A general policy question or complaint; 5.

    How to allocate media costs;

    6. Denial of release of space or rent; 7. Due to fa's determination that a unit does not comply with HQS

    Size or change of family members; 8. Decision to exercise or not use rights

    Based on owner's measurements.

    Decisions regarding the following arrangements require:

    Program participants have the opportunity to hear informally about: 1. Determination of annual or adjusted family income2. Calculation of Total Tenant Payments 3. Determine Appropriate Council Fee Schedule 4. Determine End of Assistance 5. Determine Unit Size for Participants under Item D

    subsidy standard;

    6. Refusal to waive the minimum rent;

    7. Deciding to terminate assistance to disabled families due to family behavior or negligence;

    8. Decision on terminating assistance due to the following reasons

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Ineligible Immigration Status Review Hearing

    Whenever an immigrant is determined to be unauthorized, under section 8 of staDOH, the contractor must provide the applicant or participant with a request for an informal hearing within 30 days of receiving the ineligibility decision from the US Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) opportunities to meet. ), or to delay decision, assistance deadlines.

    DOH Section 8 contractors must keep records of all denials of immigration status or termination of assistance for at least five years. This includes any request for initial or follow-up assistance.

    Informal Hearing Schedule If you decide to stop or reduce family support, you must send a notice explaining why

    decision and give families an opportunity to request a hearing before assistance is terminated or reduced.

    Before the hearing, the following changes can be made:

    1. Changes in renter payment total or household share; 2. Denial of new coupons for households wanting mov3. Agreeing on the size of the unit for the family wanting to move

    Informal Review or Hearing Procedure Any employee of the Supplier's DoHS Section 8 shall undergo an informal review, except those approving a decision.

    Applicants to the program must have the opportunity to demonstrate

    Object to the decision in writing or orally. Applicants must be informed of the final decision after an informal review, including a written statement of the reasons for the final decision.

    Informal Exam Process

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Check out the files directly related to the discussion. Fama should allow the copying of such files with the family, e.g.

    DOH Section 8 contractors may also choose to obtain, at their own expense, any family records directly related to a copy of the hearing.

    Representation and Evidence Families have the right to be represented by a lawyer or other representative at their own expense. Both parties must be able to provide evidence, and each can ask questions. Those conducting the discussion must make a written decision in which they briefly state their reasons. Establishing the facts relevant to the personal circumstances of the family is the preponderance of the evidence presented at the hearing. Test reports must be provided to families immediately.

    DOH Exempt from Informal Hearing Decisions

    Violate a HUD rule or requirement or otherwise violate federal, state or local law.

    6. Family Self-reliance Program The Family Self-reliance Program (FSS) is part of the effort to help families achieve and maintain self-reliance. It encourages communities to develop local support strategies

    gain financial independence. The STF program is designed to provide participants with the support and needs to develop and maintain self-confidence, job training, employment, child care, transportation, case management, educational opportunities, recreation, substance and alcohol budgeting, life skills, and counseling on home ownership. Primis supports families transitioning from social assistance to work

    The mission of the DOH STF program is to guide low-income families to greater economic self-sufficiency, independence from assistance, and to promote a better quality of life. FSSp works with local private sector support services to deliver innovative support programs

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    7. Nadiħitje samodostatnosti obstacle

    DOH contractors work with the Department of Social Services, businesses, and other local partners to develop a program that provides families with employable skills and experiences. The STF Coordinator ensures that families receive the supportive services they need to achieve their goals. Some DOH contractors have partnership agreements with other TANO agencies that provide support services (listed in the table below), share information, and/or direct support services (ascontem

    Pursuant to Section 12(d)(7) of the Housing Act of 1937). Funds are distributed regionally according to a formula, and everyone can create a plan for how to use the funds.

    Coordination among DOH, TANF, and other welfare agencies includes:

    Customer Testimonials

    Sharing information about joint customers (i.e. determining rent)

    Coordinate the delivery of specific social and self-sustainment services and programs

    Collaborate in the administration of self-reliance programs, providing support services and resources

    DOH will need to coordinate the efforts of covered housing agencies before jurisdictional participants can participate in the family homeownership program.

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Economic and Social Dependency Program The following agencies have partnered with

    Service agencies that increase economic and social self-sufficiency





    coffee beans






    la plata





    (Video) Poverty, Politics and Profit (full documentary) | FRONTLINE


    jade wheat


    TANF X X X X X X X X

    Dole X X X X X X X X

    Family X Crisis

    community college


    cooperative promotion


    watershed area


    Consumer Credit Consulting


    Mental Health Center


    resources and


    X X X X X

    rural development


    local health department


    X X X X County Administration

    Participate in Family Self-reliance Instructions Participate in Family Self-reliance (FSS).

    Number of participants required for the program (as of: 01.01.11)

    Actual lot size (as of: 01.01


  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    DOH benefit reduction meets legal requirements under Section 12

    United States Housing Act of 1937 (Regarding Treatment of Disabled Persons Due to Welfare Program Requirements): Establishing or Maintaining Cooperative Agreements

    Relevant TANF and support and social service agencies share information and coordinate services

    Establish agreements to share information related to TANF and support and social services

    Agencies establish information exchange agreements

    Bodies providing direct services to service providers, such as the conclusion of maritime memorandums or contracts.

    8. Certificate of Civil Rights included in PHA PlanCertificate

    Comply with the PHA program and related regulations. 24 Carbon fiber composite materials Part 903.79(o)

    Civil rights certification is included in the PHAC certification program in compliance with the PHA program and related regulations. This certificate is available for viewing at the PHA main office and is listed as a supporting document.

    9. Fiscal Year Audit

    DOH is not required to conduct audits under Section 5 of the United States Housing Act of 1937 (42 U.S.C. 1437c(h))

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    10. Violence against Women Act (VAWA) DOH has issued a policy to implement the Violence against Women Act

    and the Justice Department Reauthorization Act of 2005, which allows landlords and housing agencies to terminate lease or assistance contracts under the program. A landlord or housing agency may not consider actual violence or harassment to be (1) a serious breach of lease or victim compensation (2) another good cause for termination or assistance (3) criminal conduct or assistance that justifies termination.

    VAWA provides certain protections to applicants or participants who experience domestic violence, relationship violence, or stalking. The law states that one of the above criteria cannot be a valid basis for denying assistance under the program or for refusing to accept an applicant who meets other criteria. As a result, the Department of Health will deny or terminate assistance to victims of domestic violence, dating violence, or stalking.

    Allegations or information about the violence. Upon joining the program, all candidates learn about unVAWA's safety features. In addition, any termination shall notify the Tenant of the possibility, if applicable, of filing a protection claim under VAWA. DOH will work with each victim to identify agencies, activities, and service programs available to assist child and adult victims of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking to improve the victim's safety and housing.

    DOH strives to meet the needs of child and adult victims of domestic violence, dating violence, and abuse as defined by VADOH and will continue to develop policies and procedures as needed to implement VAWA requirements and work together to prevent and respond to domestic violence.

    11. Identify any elements of the PHA plan that have changed the PHA since the last annual submission:

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Apartment Selection Voucher Policy Section 1: Apartment Division Section 8 Contractor Regulations

    HAP Repayment: 1. Section 8. Department of Housing (DOH) contractors shall determine

    Overpaid, he must immediately contact Thelo

    The lessee informs him of the overpayment. Section 8 Contractor must complete and sign a repayment agreement (Appendix A) within 30 days of discovery of overpayment.

    2. The landlord or tenant must submit a check or money order for the total amount owed within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed and approved by DOH. In some cases, DOH may withhold a portion of the total amount owed for HAP payments in subsequent months.

    3. If the landlord or tenant does not make a request within 30 days, the contractor § 8 is obliged to treat it as debt collection or fraud and take the following measures.

    Fraud and Chargebacks: 4. Department of Housing (DOH) Section 8 Contractors shall determine

    In case of overpayment, he is obliged to contact the lessee immediately to inform him of the overpayment. Section 8 Contractor must complete and sign a repayment agreement (Appendix A) within 30 days of discovery of overpayment.

    5. Section 8 Contractor will enter into a repayment agreement. Arepa contracts with arrears of less than $1,000 have a maximum term of 12 months. Repayment agreements above $1,000 have a maximum term of 36 months. If the total amount due can be paid within the maximum period, the DOH's authorization to enter into a repayment agreement must contain the following information:

    Phone number, physical address, mailing address, social security tenant identification number, total outstanding debt, and any payments that may have been made prior to submission to DOH. Also, printouts of checks and money orders must be attached. Cash refunds from managers or tenants are not permitted. NOTE; Utility Rate Payments (URP) will not cover or apply to repayment contracts unless

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    7. Payment should be made directly to D on a monthly basis

    Lodging at the following address: (no payment

    Section 8 Contractor/Housing Authority)

    Colorado Department of Local Affairs Housing Division

    Napomena: Section 8 Collections 1313 Sherman Street, Room500

    Denver, CO 80203

    8. Violation of the repayment agreement results in: procedure, unless the following actions are taken: 1. DOH will pay within 30 days to settle the debt (performing the payment agreement, no longer in breach, 2) to make other arrangements with DOH collection officers. If due to unforeseen circumstances DOH decides to make an alternative or modification, DOH may decide to do one or more of the following: 1) deferment for a specific period and deferment, 2) restructuring of the repayment agreement to adjust the amount of repayment due each month repayment

    9. If the above conditions are not met and the participant continues to violate the repayment agreement, DOH will take the following actions: DOH will first attempt to send a certification charge notice to the participant's last known address. If a NoticCollection is returned to DOH without a shipping address, the participant will be forwarded to StateCollection Services. All reminder letters sent by USPS and Department of Housing certified letters will allow attempted notice. If the participant does not respond within the second 30-day notice, the participant will be considered in breach of their re-enrollment agreement and will be sent to CollectioServices State of ColoradoCentral free of charge.

    10. Section 8. Contractors must complete business income verification requirements and complete and submit (Appendix B) to DOH all supporting documentation. The Coordinator of the EIV Housing Division will take the lead in the review of Appendix B and Supporting Document f

    importance. DOH will be responsible for submitting information to the Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) system.

    Department Two: Housing Code Department

    11. DOH submits participant files to DOLA's Accounting Department for submission to the State Collection Service

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    14. By the 15th of each month, DOH will send each Section 8 Contrstatus participant. This information will include the amount debited and the amount owed

    Outgoing and incoming mobile devices, both the originating HousingAuth and the receiving Housing Authority will receive status reports.

    Agreement on the payment of HAP in the partial months of the mid-month lease period (effective from 01.10.2010)

    Monthly HAP Amount X 12 Months/365 Days X Number of Days in Monthly HAP Payment Units

    Example: $1,000.00 X 12 / 365 X 26 days = $854.79 rounded to $855.00 (always use 365 days as a standard rule) (including transfer day per unit) (0.0-0.50 rounded down, 0.51-0.99 rounded up enter)

    Date Moved In: ______/______/______

    $__________X 12 months/365 days X ________ days/unit


    I, ____________________ (Landlord), have read and canceled the HAP Partial Monthly Payment Terms issued by the Division of Housing, Department of Housing (DOH). I understand that the Housing Department has not yet completed the monthly payment for the HAP mentioned above.

    _____ I agree to the HAP rent calculation and will not be charged rent in excess of the partial monthly HAP payment of $__________

    _____ I disagree with the HAP rent calculation and will be charged $__________ tons more than the HAP payment for incomplete months.

    ________ ______________ Signature Date I________________________, (Tenant) I have read and agree to the HAP monthly payment terms and conditions enforced by the local department

    Department of Housing (DOH). I understand that the Department of Housing will pay a portion of the HAP fee each month as described above.

    _____ I agree with the HAP rent calculation and understand that the Landlord will not charge more than $____________________ for incomplete HAP payment months.

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Interim Review of 24 CFR 982.516

    Reviewing Changes in Household Circumstances Between Annual Reviews This section provides information about changes in household circumstances that must be reported and under what circumstances DOH must process the data

    Retest to reflect these changes. HUD regulations allow families to apply for a temporary determination if there is a change in household income or other aspects of composition.

    Unapproved New Family Members Adding family members through birth, adoption, or court guardianship does not require DOH approval. However, the household must notify the Section 8 contractor of the addendum to 24 CFR 982.551(h)(2). F DOH contractor must be notified of birth, adoption or guardianship

    Children within 15 working days.

    New Households and Family Members Requiring Approval Families must apply to DOH Section 8 Contractors for approval to add family members or other household members. 24 CFR 982(h)(2) and 24 CFR982.55

    When a new household member is added, reexamine to determine the income or deductions attributable to the added household member and adjust the household's share of rent and payments appropriately HAP 982.516(e).

    If a change in family size results in a violation of housing quality standards, the DOH Section 8 contractor must issue a new credential and the family must find housing that meets the required number of bedrooms as quickly as possible. If an eligible unit becomes available for the household to rent, the DOHC contractor must terminate the HAP under the terms of its 24 CFR982.403.

    Changes Affecting Income or Expenses DOH will conduct an ad hoc investigation when:

    1. For families receiving Disability Allowance (EID), reconsideration at the beginning and end of the second 12-year exclusion period (50% for each period).

    2 For households participating in the household self-sufficiency program

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    5. DOH shall conduct interim reconsiderations at any time to discover errors in previous reconsiderations or to investigate employee grievances.

    6. DOH will conduct an interim review at any time to revise the $250 HousiAssistance payment.

    7. Families have the right to interim review of any family whose circumstances have changed since the previous decision.

    **All de-energization of circuits must be logged in 50058

    is there any difference

    Family-Initiated Interim Reconsideration Families may obtain interim reconsideration at any time when the celebrity's circumstances have changed since the previous decision 24 CFR982.516(b)(2).

    Households must report all income increases, including new employment, within 15 days. The DOH Section 8 contractor will record the information in the tenant's file, but will not perform an interim reassessment. The increase in income will be recalculated until the next annual reassessment, no

    The HAP amount changes to $250.00.

    Effective Date If your family share is increased, it will take effect the first month after your family is notified.

    If families do not report changes within the required timeframe or fail to collect the required information within the required timeframe, the increase will be phased in until the date they submit the information on time. The overpaid sand is the responsibility of the family members, and a return agreement must be signed.

    In the event of a decrease in household income, it will begin on the first day of the month in which the change is reported and all required documentation is submitted. If the change cannot be confirmed by the time the date change becomes effective, the change will be applied retroactively

    Changes in Payment Scale and Utility Payment Scale 24 CFR 982.525 Household share or rent and HAP calculations must be based on the correct household wage scale, taking into account the size of the family unit, the size of the unit, and the area in which the unit is located.

    When HUD or Family Situation c Issue Payment Standards

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    B. If the standard payment amount is reduced, the debit standard shall be applied to the second review from the effective date of the reduction

    Standard. 2. If the family moves to a new station or a new HAP contract expires

    Due to changes to the household lease agreement (even if the household remains in the apartment, the current household payment standard will be used when creating a new HAP.

    Subsidy criteria 24 CFR 982.505(c) (4) If the size of the family unit applicable to the household changes during the HAP period, whether due to a change in household composition or a change in the subsidy criteria, the new family unit size shall be used to determine p

    The standard amount by which a household changes the size of the family unit in the first annual household survey.

    Utility Allowance 24 CFR 982.517(d) Household rent and HAP share calculations must reflect any changes to the household utility allowance program.

    If the utility contract with the landlord changes, the utility rates in effect at the time the new lease and HAP are signed apply.

    The new utility rate schedule will be applied to household rent and calculations at the first annual review after the utility rate schedule is adopted.

    Notification of New Home Contributions and HAP Amounts DOH Section 8 Contractors must notify homeowners and families of all HAP payment amounts. The notification must contain:

    1. Amount and effective date of new HAP payment 2. Amount and effective date of new household share OR 3. Property rent amount and effective date for new tenant 4. Families must be able to have informal conversations

    In determining their annual adjusted income, that income is used to calculate housing benefits CFR982.555(a)(1)(i).

    The Family Notice will include the annual and adjusted income amounts used to calculate the Family Rent Share and Rent Allowance; in addition, the Notice will outline the procedure for requesting a hearing.

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Waitlist - Selection Order

    DOH sets preferences and priorities in providing services to families who meet these criteria. Preference system can select family from list

    Priority and the date and time the request was submitted.

    1 Families of victims of homelessness Families of victims of domestic violence Families of victims of natural disasters

    2 Families currently participating in education, training or upward mobility programs

    Currently Working Families: If the head of household and the spouse or only member are 62 years of age or older and have a disability, applicants will receive two-person household benefits. Families currently enrolled in DOH TBRA or TANF programs Families currently on the HPRP waiting list who are displaced or homeless

    3 date and time

    The family is numbered 1 because they are homeless, number 3 is based on the date and time they applied, and the other family is numbered 2 because the family member is currently in school and numbered based on the date and time they applied. DOH contractors will consider requests with priority numbers 1 and 3 even if requests with numbers 2 and 3 have already been received.

    The DOH also gives equal weight to preferences, meaning that currency preferences do not make households higher on the list.

    If a household qualifies for more than one option, such as 1 Homeless, 2 Household in Education and Training Program, and 3 Date and Time of Application, then that household member is number 1 because they are homeless, number 1 No. 3 is based on

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Appendix C

    Home Ownership and Program Coupons

    1. Real Estate Ownership October 18, 2008, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

    Federal Register Development (HUD), Part II, 24 CFRP

    982, Creating Section 8 Homeownership ProDOH Final Rule Supports Section 8 Homeownership Program

    Pursuant to Section 8(y) of the U.S.H.A. In 1937, when 24CFR Part 982 was implemented. DOH initiates Section 8

    Ensure that eligible families can use their vouchers to purchase a home.

    Homeownership program limited to eligible families

    According to the conditions specified in the DOH guidelines. that beeligi

    Families must have a one-year credential and reside in the jurisdiction for at least 12 months in good standing

    Initially spend more than 30% of your adjusted income on the total cost of buying a home, including: principal, interest, subsidies

    Mortgage insurance, homeowners association fees, maintenance and utilities.

    Participants must abide by all family obligations

    Meet any other eligibility criteria listed in this guide. Families must sign a statement regarding homeownership and family responsibilities

    guidelines and must be able to meet additional homeownership assistance requirements under DOH

    administrative plan. Those who prioritize work, participation in DOH Home Self-Reliance and/or other programs


    Eligible participants are free to choose whether to continue receiving rental assistance or apply for homebuying assistance. The DOH homeownership program is completely voluntary for participants

    Give you the freedom to choose. DOH will never directly manage

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    The goal of the program is to help DOHsSection 8 participants transition to

    leasehold. Each DOH contracted agency can conduct annual HQS inspections during escapolite

    Help manage the house. Responsibility for the annual HQS inspection rests with the contractor.

    DOH has proven ability to manage homeowners

    65 families successfully purchased homes with Section 8 assistance.

    2. Program-Based Vouchers The Colorado Department of Housing (DOH) reserves the right to pay up to 20% of its Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers

    Potential use of the VouchersAssist program under Section 8 Project Voucher. The proposed unit may be located at the DOH

    authority. This potential reallocation of Section 8 program support is consistent with DOH agency planning and support

    Provide affordable, quality housing for low-income families and increase housing options for these families. The location will remain the same

    Aims to Distribute Poverty and Expand Housing Opportunity Under HUD and DOH S

    administrative plan. Projects are being implemented to end homelessness and integrate support services with accommodation

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Appendix D

    9.0 Housing Requirements

    1. Housing Needs of Households in Jurisdictions Serving bPHA

    Information based on research conducted and submitted

    Comprehensive plan, information provided by HUD and other available information

    DOH data identifies housing needs of low-income households

    In Colorado, that includes the elderly, the disabled, and the homeless. Housing needs include and relate to affordability, supply, quality, availability and size of units, location of units and affordability

    support services.

    A. Lack of affordable housing for all eligible groups

    1. Maximize affordable PHA within current resources: by maintaining or increasing Section 8 rents

    Payment Standards to Enable Families to Lease

    authority. Maintain or increase rent under section 8

    Provide technical assistance to DOH contractors to successfully market the program to owners, especially those

    Areas where ethnic minorities and poor populations are concentrated. Maintenance or increase of rent according to § 8 op

    Provides owners with information once a year via the LNewsletter.

    Effectively maintain or increase Section 8 rents to increase landlord acceptance of the program by providing technical assistance to DOH contractor Section 8 applicants

    (Video) Dangerous Times For Housing

    Take action to provide affordable support for families, no matter the unit size required.

    Participate in comprehensive development plans to ensure alignment with wider community strategies.

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    2. Increase the amount of affordable housing

    Apply for additional Section 8 units, if available.

    Increase the city's affordable housing stock by creating hybrid financial apartments.

    Use housing stock other than public housing or help tenants improve housing affordability

    Continue to help other financiers increase the production of affordable rental units across the state.

    Use other resources to provide affordable housing and services. Proceed to Section 8. homeowner

    Project-Based Planning and Section 8 Voucher Planning.

    B. Specific types of households: less than 30% of households

    Average income 1. Direct support to families under 3 years old

    this is me

    Meets federal HUD households goal requirements for approximately 30% of AMI-assisted Section 8 tenants.

    Take advantage of enrollment benefits for families facing environmental challenges.

    Adopt policies that support and encourage the integration of housing services.

    C. Specific types of families: families whose average income is below 50%

    1. Direct support for older or younger families

    AMI enrollment benefits are available to working families. Support and encourage the merger of coms through rules

    service, increase community engagement and improve

    Strive for self-sufficiency.

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    E. Specific Types of Families: Families with Disabilities

    1. Provide assistance directly to families with disabilities Apply for Special Purpose Vouchers (if available)

    Accessible and designed for families with disabilities. Encourage and guide performers

    Actively sell to local nonprofits

    disabled family. Continue to develop partnership and cooperation with Indepe

    Residential centers and groups of disabled persons within the framework of the National Disabled Persons Grant. Apply the same adoption preferences to families with disabilities

    For those struggling to be self-sufficient. Provide training and assistance to landowners.

    F. Specific Types of Families: Homeless Families o

    Displaced by domestic violence or natural disasters.

    1. Provide available assistance to homeless families displaced by domestic violence or natural disasters:

    Apply for special purpose vouchers for homeless families or those, if available

    Displaced Encourage and guide contractors to verify

    Local market to nonprofit helping families

    Homeless and/or displaced by domestic violence or disaster.

    G. Specific Household Types: Races or Ethnic Groups with Disproportionate Housing Needs

    1. Raise awareness of PHA resources among families and ethnic groups with disproportionate needs:

    Encourage and guide contractors to recognize that racial/ethnic groups have disproportionate housing needs.

    Advise families on location in areas of concentration of poverty and help them locate these units outside of them

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    2. Tenant’s Family Housing Needs Under Section 8

    waiting list

    Grouper (PHA)

    The Colorado Department of Housing (DOH) conducts an annual survey of housing authorities to estimate the number of households

    Colorado PHA Waiting List. The study is comprehensive, showing that in January 2011, 49,757 families were waiting

    rental assistance. Note that there is no

    The number of families on a waiting list is not necessarily an accurate measure, as many lists are closed, restricted or may contain families at any given time. What we do know is that there is adequate auxiliary aid available for minimum

    Tenant in Colorado.

    Most families on Colorado PHA waiting list shave

    Income at or below 30% of the area median income This is consistent with studies from previous years. mostly families

    Children, 16,125 had family members with disabilities. Housing authorities monitor an average of 35 housing assistance calls per week.

    See the table below for analysis.

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Statewide Public Housing Waiting List Survey Results,

    Demographic category Number of people on the waiting list

    Total Family Waiting List


    0 30% AMI43,140

    31 50% AMI5687

    51 80% AMI930

    Families with children 24,017

    Older Family 6381

    Disabled families 16,125

    spanish 15,899

    Nechspanski 33.858

    Crna 9683

    India 703

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Families have a disproportionate need for housing in ul

    2011 Waitlist by Ethnicity

    Race or Ethnicity Percent Population Wait Percent L

    Other 2.5% 2

    Crna 19,5% 19

    Indians 2% 1

    Asia Pacific 4.5% 4

    White 72%72


    100,0% 10

    H. Reasons for choosing the policy Housing needs records in the Console

    Programs and other information available from DOH

    Impact of the Housing Market on DOH Programs

    Social Priorities in the Area of ​​Housing Assistance Outcomes of Consultations with DOH Title 8 Contractors,

    Various community groups and local housing authorities

    region of the country.

  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Appendix E

    Strategies for Meeting Housing Needs


    dora dora strategy


    Program HUD


    heads up display


    HUD D Performance Statement

    retain the existing national

    Cheap rental or home delivery -


    High availability of decent housing


    decent apartment

    # of



    # of


    Increasing the supply of affordable “labour” across the country

    High levels of housing and homeownership

    required fields.

    Average affordability of decent housing Affordability to be guaranteed

    decent apartment


    # H

    the opposite

    Hi G


    Increase capacity and stability

    Local housing and service providers across the state.

    Average level of decent housing Sustainability Sustainability

    ensure decent living conditions


    funny HO


    Increase pre-purchase counseling for low/moderate income and minority residents statewide


    Average availability of decent housing Affordability of access to decent housing





    Addressing the needs of the homeless community through support

    services and adequate housing.

    highly suitable living environment

    Accessible facilities Provides accessible facilities for a livable environment

    # H

    it does


    Increasing national apartment supply

    for people with special needs

    Combine services that enhance or maintain independence.

    high housing affordability


    decent apartment

    # o

    make up


    # o



    Statewide rent subsidy for low-income families

    Otherwise you will pay more than 30%

    their household income


    average housing affordability

    ensure decent living conditions



    Project Basis Article 8 Credentials

    Provides a source of income for housing units as well as HOME and CDBG

    Funding to fill development gaps

    homeless and

    disabled population

    high housing affordability


    decent apartment



    Assisting low-income tenants i

    Owner Energy Efficiency






    decent apartment




  • August 7, 2019 Colorado Department of Housing Public Housing Agency Plan 2011-2012.


    Appendix F

    More information

    1 a) Progress towards meeting the Conference's mission and objectives. Briefly describe the progress of the PHA in achieving its mission and goals, describing the 5-year plan.

    1. DOH in cooperation with Health Care Policy and F

    Apply for support, money follows people to improve

    Access Medicaid waiver services, facilitate system navigation, and support long-term care options in the community. Develop housing strategies for federal, state, and local housing

    Agencies that will focus on identifying and expanding affordable, accessible, comprehensive housing options for disabled and relocating seniors

    Settle in the community.

    2. DOH has established Veterans Housing Programs such as

    Research the possibility of establishing a Veterans Housing Administration and work with the Office of Housing, Veterans, and HUD on Veterans Housing Administration

    For homeless veterans, DOH received a program of 50 VASH vouchers based on 25 fostering and support services combined.

    3. DOH will foster the initiation of property managers

    (Video) Regions Build Together – A Housing Agenda for All California


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