Choose Mumbai or Delhi (or both) for your next trip (2023)

For some travelers Mumbai VsdelhiThis is not a real game. There are two basic situations where this happens.

In some cases, travelers want nothing to do with India's metropolises at all, preferring the beaches of Kerala or Goa or the tea plantations of Darjeeling in the foothills of the Himalayas. This post won't be about these guys, as much as we love them.

More laid-back nomads certainly want to spend time in India's metropolitan cities - they're just worried they won't be able to handle two. If the latter group includes you, I wrote today's post to help you decide. Or to beat your anxiety, check out Delhi and Mumbai!

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1Why Tourists to India Are Confused

2Mumbai and Delhi: Differences (and Similarities)

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2.3landscape and climate

2.4Food and Culture

2.5nearby destinations

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3alternative indian city

4Other Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling to Mumbai and Delhi

4.1Is Mumbai better than Delhi?

4.2Is Mumbai more expensive than Delhi?

4.3Is Delhi safe for girls?

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Why Tourists to India Are Confused

I feel like I've talked to quite a few travelers who were shocked by the comparisons between Mumbai and Delhi, even though their trips were still in the early stages of planning. They assumed that both cities would be overcrowded, with all the smells, sounds, and poor air quality that any such crowded place would bring. bad news? This assumption is true to some extent, quite a big deal for someone who hasn't been to a developing countryindependentVery.

I don't think a traveler realizes that spending a few days in Delhi or Mumbai even if neither is right for you in the endTea, as enjoyable as the preparations before departure. For example, Delhi is not known as one of the most walkable cities in the world for investmentcomfortable women's shoesOr man can help you stay out of traffic (it's notorious) when you're walking between relatively close tourist spots.

Choose Mumbai or Delhi (or both) for your next trip (1)

Mumbai and Delhi: Differences (and Similarities)


big fieldMumbaiAnd Delhi is known for its horrible traffic and the chaotic ways of local drivers. Although both Mumbai and Delhi have commuter rail networks, my travel advice is the same: stay in hotels close to the sights you want to see most; walk whenever possible. For example, in Mumbai, this might include living in South Mumbai, which you can walk togate of indiago by boatKoh Chang.


Another way to compare Mumbai and Delhi is the layout of the two cities. Most travelers think of Mumbai as a collection of colonial-era low-rise buildings (and ultramodern skyscrapers) clustered on a relatively small peninsula jutting out to sea. Meanwhile, Delhi is less centralized and more dispersed, with historical attractions such asgate of indiaandQutub MinarScattered across seemingly endless urban centers.

landscape and climate

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph, central Mumbai (at least the part you're likely to visit) is on the coast, although somearabian seaIt's not exactly idyllic. Mumbai has a humid, hot climate with daily heavy rains from June to September. Meanwhile, Delhi sits on a great dry plain, and besides being heavily pollutedyamuna r.; It experienced hot and sunny summers and cold winters.

Food and Culture

The good news for comparing Mumbai and New Delhi RE: the food is that both cities have a wide variety of Indian food. The main difference is the type of street food you can find - in Mumbai you can find spicy, crunchy foodproblem of sinrubleEddie Puff(sandwich with sautéed vegetables), while Delhi is famous forchatter, a spicy snack that can be called an Indian snack. As for the wider culture, lavish Bollywood is everywhere in Mumbai. Delhi is more traditional (and muslim).

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nearby destinations

Not only is Delhi popular as a destination itself, but it is also a stopover for travelers before visitingtaj mahal, usually offered as an overnight trip. In Mumbai, it's a bit more complicated, at least for the destination most travelers want to visit. while the cityUranarelatively close, and not particularly popular;goaIt looks close on a map, but actually requires a long train journey or somewhat inconvenient (albeit cheap) flight.

alternative indian city

Over the years I've personally found Mumbai and Delhi to have a lot that I like, but I understand if you're put off by either or both. Here are some other major Indian cities worth visiting:

  • Calcutta: The capital of West Bengal, also known as Kolkata, is one of the most colorful and sophisticated cities in India.
  • Hyderabad: Although it is located inland, it is relatively far from other tourist attractions,The city is an architecture lover's dream
  • Amritsar: Near the Pakistani border, this Sikh city is famous for its magnificent Golden Temple
  • Chennai: This city on the southeast coast, once known as Madras, is the center of Tamil culture in India
  • Jaipur: India's "Pink City" is the center of Rajasthan and the gateway to the mysterious Thar Desert.

Want to ditch the debates of Mumbai or New Delhi altogether and go somewhere to relax?Click here to read more about why Kerala might be right for you - or why it isn't.

Choose Mumbai or Delhi (or both) for your next trip (2)

Other Frequently Asked Questions About Traveling to Mumbai and Delhi

Is Mumbai better than Delhi?

For some Indian tourists, Mumbai is ostensibly more interesting and worth visiting than Delhi, due to its seaside location, the trendiness of southern Mumbai and the city's generally more cosmopolitan nature. However, it's hard to judge and say one is "better" than the other.

Is Mumbai more expensive than Delhi?

Both Mumbai and New Delhi are very cheap by world standards. You can stay in a three- or four-star hotel for around $50 a night; five-star hotels can also be found at low prices, though not as cheaply as in Southeast Asian cities such asBangkokin Kuala Lumpur.

Is Delhi safe for girls?

Delhi has a reputation as a hotbed of sexual harassment - and not entirely undeservedly. High-profile sexual assaults by Western influencers on social media have heightened this perception of the Indian capital, perhaps to an unfair degree. While I don't want to comment too much on the subject, considering I'm neither a woman nor a crime expert, it's safe to say that women traveling to Derry alone should be wary.


I can't guarantee that this article will help you choose between Mumbai and Delhi. I have such a deep love (and, of course, a degree of hatred!) for each of these Indian megacities that after visiting both cities many times, they seem remarkably similar to me. I hope my words bring some nuance to the hasty, hysterical statements of other bloggers. Like all of India, these complex cities require careful consideration as long as you can stay in them. Speaking of future trips to India,Consider hiring me as your travel coachSo your next adventure will be in the books.


Choose Mumbai or Delhi (or both) for your next trip? ›

Delhi or Mumbai – Which City to Choose for Holidaying? If you prefer a coastal destination with plenty of shopping options, good food and luxurious hotels, you can pick Mumbai. On the other hand, if you are a history and architecture buff who loves exploring ancient monuments, you must plan a trip to Delhi.

Which is cheaper Mumbai or Delhi? ›

The cost of living in Delhi is 25% less expensive than in Mumbai. Cities ranked 8582nd and 7432nd ($468 vs $625) in the list of the most expensive cities in the world and ranked 12th and 3rd in India. The average after-tax salary is enough to cover living expenses for 1.3 months in Delhi compared to 1 months in Mumbai.

Why is Mumbai more famous than Delhi? ›

The cultural and political capital of India is Delhi, whereas the commercial and financial hub is Mumbai. Both are India's two most populous cities, that are comparable in certain aspects but vastly diverse in terms of language, cuisine, tradition, and environment.

Is Mumbai a good place to travel? ›

It's a captivating place to visit and absolutely worth going to, but to maximize your trip there are a few things to know before you go about travel to Mumbai, like how to get around, where to eat and where to stay…

Is Delhi a good tourist destination? ›

Delhi is undoubtedly one of the most amazing cities which one can hope to explore different places to visit in Delhi in India. The reason for this is an amazing mix of culture, people, and Lutyens architecture.

Should I go to Delhi or Mumbai? ›

Delhi or Mumbai – Which City to Choose for Holidaying? If you prefer a coastal destination with plenty of shopping options, good food and luxurious hotels, you can pick Mumbai. On the other hand, if you are a history and architecture buff who loves exploring ancient monuments, you must plan a trip to Delhi.

Which city is more beautiful Delhi or Mumbai? ›

Both cities have their unique charm, which ultimately depends on what you're looking for. If you're interested in history and culture, Delhi is your place. But if you're more interested in experiencing the glamour and glitz of cosmopolitan life, then Mumbai is for you.

Which is safer Mumbai or Delhi? ›

Whether you are visiting Delhi or in Mumbai, you'll need to be careful with your valuables as sometimes there are pickpockets. Women are also recommended not to travel alone at night. This is especially important in Delhi. In general, Mumbai is safer than Delhi but travelers still need to take precautions.

Which city is cleaner Delhi or Mumbai? ›

Air Pollution

India. Delhi ranked as the most polluted city in 2016. It still ranks as one of the most polluted cities in the world. Mumbai, ranked comparatively much lower at 94 (2016).

Why do people love Mumbai? ›

Mumbai is a mix of iconic old-world charm architecture, strikingly modern high rises, cultural and traditional structures, and whatnot. The city is known as the commercial capital of India, but there is more to it than that. Mumbai is all about art, history, culture, food, theatre, cinema, nightlife and a lot more.

How many days are enough for Mumbai trip? ›

This 3 day Mumbai itinerary will allow you to explore all facets of the city, from the modern, thriving nightlife to historical attractions and architecture and more. Keep reading to discover all there is to see and do when spending a few days in Mumbai!

What is the best time to visit Mumbai? ›

Best Time to Visit Mumbai
  • November to February: The winter months are the most pleasant in Mumbai. ...
  • March to May: Humidity starts rising from March and as summers start approaching. ...
  • June to October: This is the famous monsoon season in Mumbai which sees continuous rainfall, particularly in the months of July and August.

What is the best time of year to go to Mumbai? ›

The best time to visit Mumbai is in January and February when the weather is dry but not too hot. March, April and May are generally dry, though the heat can be overpowering. June, July, August and September see the worst monsoonal rains, but cyclones are still possible in November and December.

Which is the No 1 tourist destination in India? ›

1. Delhi. One of the historic spots in India, Delhi is home to some of the spectacular scenes. This the capital city of India and the most visited by tourist as it is the first destination which tourists visit ever.

How many days do you need in Delhi? ›

It usually takes 1–3 days to do the top activities in Delhi. If you have more than 3 days, we recommend you journey out of Delhi to places like Agra (where the Taj Mahal is) and Jaipur.

Which month is best to travel in Delhi? ›

The best time to visit Delhi is from October to March when the weather is at its best. During this period flowers are at their blooming best, the weather is pleasent and enjoyable to experience Incredible Delhi.

How far is Mumbai from Taj Mahal? ›

How far is Mumbai from Taj Mahal? If you're traveling by land, it's important to know the distance from Mumbai to Taj Mahal. Your trip will be a total of 615 miles (988 km). The flying distance is 615 miles (988 km).

Is Mumbai more crowded than Delhi? ›

Delhi and Mumbai are India's two biggest cities with 16.8 and 12.5 million people each. The population density of Mumbai, however, is much higher than Delhi - it is the world's second-most densely populated city with over 20,000 people per square kilometre.

Which airport is busy Delhi or Mumbai? ›

Passenger Traffic
1Indira Gandhi International AirportDelhi NCR
2Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International AirportMumbai
3Kempegowda International AirportBengaluru
4Rajiv Gandhi International AirportHyderabad
12 more rows

Which is the No 1 beautiful city in India? ›

Varanasi. One of India's most beautiful cities, Varanasi is a wonderful destination. The city is one of the holiest for Hindus across the world, situated by the holy River Ganga, the city is a spiritual wonder where people come to seek blessings.

Which is the luxury city in India? ›

Mumbai ranked at 127 on the global list of the most expensive cities in the world, and at 1 in India, making it the most expensive Indian city to live in.

Where is the nicest city in India? ›

Best cities to visit in India
  • Rishikesh. ...
  • Jodhpur. ...
  • Chennai. ...
  • Kolkata. ...
  • New Delhi. ...
  • Tawang. ...
  • Varanasi. ...
  • Agra. It's rare that a city is almost entirely overshadowed by its main attraction, but understandably so in this case; most places don't have the Taj Mahal to contend with.
Feb 7, 2023

Is Mumbai safe for female? ›

One of the main concerns is whether Mumbai is safe for Women. Yes, women feel safe travelling even at night in Mumbai due to readily available transport and buzzing nightlife. All These factors make Mumbai one of the safest places to live in India.

Is Delhi safe for visitors? ›

Delhi is safe for tourists, or as safe as a city of 33 million people can be. Like any major metropolis, there is crime and travellers should take precautions. By following safety tips, erring on the side of caution and respecting local cultural norms you can have a very safe visit.

Is Mumbai safe at night? ›

Ask anyone who has spent some time in the city and they'll assure you that time in Mumbai moves according to its people. Always a safe haven, even at night, Mumbai has held on to its reputation strongly as a people's city.

Which is the No 2 clean city in India? ›

Gujarat's Surat emerged as India's second cleanest city, followed by Navi Mumbai which bagged the third spot in Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs' swachhta city survey report.

Which city is costly Delhi or Mumbai? ›

The cost of living in Mumbai is 52% higher than in Delhi, even though it is cheaper than both cities in other areas (transportation, clothing, personal care, and entertainment).

Which is the richest city Delhi or Mumbai? ›

Mumbai, the wealthiest city in the nation, serves as India's financial centre and is the residence to many of the country's billionaires.

What is Delhi famous for? ›

New Delhi is best known as the location of India's national government. New Delhi has great historical significance as it was home to powerful people, such as the Pāṇḍavas and the Mughals. The city has many historical monuments and tourist attractions as well as lively marketplaces and great food, such as chaat.

Why do tourists visit Mumbai? ›

In addition to the architecture, Mumbai is home to beautiful parks, beaches and UNESCO Heritage Sites. The Kanheri Caves and Elaphanta Caves are two major UNESCO tourist attractions in Mumbai.

What is so special in Mumbai? ›

The Gateway of India, the historical arch-monument, is what Mumbai is famous for primarily. It is a large basalt-made monument, which served as a ceremonial place during the British rule to welcome King George V in India in 1911.

How much Mumbai tour cost? ›

Popular Mumbai Packages
Mumbai₹ 12,850Hotels, Car, Sightseeing, Meals
Mumbai, Lonavala₹ 16,400Hotels, Car, Sightseeing, Meals
Shirdi, Mumbai, Goa₹ 35,500Flights, Hotels, Sightseeing, Meals
Mumbai, Lonavala, Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar₹ 21,550Hotels, Sightseeing, Meals
1 more row

Which area is best to stay in Mumbai? ›

10 Best Area In Mumbai To Stay
  • Introduction.
  • South Mumbai: Come Closer to History and Culture.
  • Worli: Home to the Glitterati.
  • Powai: The IT Hub of Mumbai.
  • Bandra West: The Queen of Suburbs.
  • Prabhadevi: Hubs of Business and Entertainment.
  • Colaba: Historic wonder place.
  • Andheri West and Versova: Besides the beach.
Feb 5, 2023

How much money do you need in Mumbai? ›

Mumbai cost of living: property prices
ConfigurationAverage Rent in Mumbai (western suburbs)Average Property price (western suburbs)
1 BHKINR 30,000 per monthINR 1.5 crores
2 BHKINR 50,000 per monthINR 2.5 crores
3 BHKINR 80,000 per monthINR 3.5 crores

What clothes to wear in Mumbai? ›

Going for clothes made up of cotton, linen, or jersey is perfect in hot weather conditions. Most of the people today are giving more preference to linen as it is a top choice for a breathable fabric. You can cover yourself with loose sweaters in the night time.

Which is the coldest month of Mumbai? ›

May is the hottest month in Mumbai with an average temperature of 30°C (86°F) and the coldest is January at 24°C (75°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 10 in May. The wettest month is July with an average of 640mm of rain.

What is the coldest time of year in Mumbai? ›

For Mumbai, January is the coolest month with the minimum temperature of 16.4 °C and maximum of 30.6 °C. During day time, the city experiences the chilly northern winds that make it cooler than usual. The winter days are dry in Mumbai and the nights are relatively humid.

Which month is best for travel in India? ›

The best time to visit India is in the winter (December to early March). It tends to get very hot from April onwards, and most regions experience the summer monsoon from June to September.

What is the month of monsoon in Mumbai? ›

Monsoon duration in Mumbai is two months from July-August. Whilst the best time to visit Mumbai may be during January, which is the coolest month with a drop to 16 °C at night, but if you want to experience the spectacular magic of nature, this city calls for a visit during the monsoon!

In which month it rains heavily in Mumbai? ›

A lot of rain (rainy season) falls in the months: June, July, August and September. Mumbai has dry periods in January, February, March, April, May, November and December. On average, July is the wettest month with 506 mm (19.9 inches) of precipitation.

Which is the No 2 tourist place in India? ›

Mysore Palace is the second most visited monument in the country after Taj Mahal. You ought to visit Mysore during Dusshera celebration.

Which state in India has most Indian tourist visited? ›

1. Tamil Nadu. With over 14 crore domestic visitors in 2021, Tamil Nadu was the most popular travel destination for both Indian and foreign tourists, according to the Union Ministry of Tourism. This South Indian state is well known for its beautiful hill stations, magnificent heritage monuments, and holy temple cities.

What do I need to know before traveling to Delhi? ›

Delhi Travel Tips
  • 1 – Go with an Open Mind. ...
  • 2 – Stay in a Good Area of Delhi. ...
  • 3 – Know that Delhi is NOT JUST Old Delhi. ...
  • 4 – Make Use of Delhi Tours. ...
  • 5 – Don't Be Afraid to Sightsee Alone. ...
  • 6 – Use the Metro like a Local. ...
  • 7 – Keep Your Wits About you at the Airport. ...
  • 8 – Be Aware of Scams in Delhi.
Sep 15, 2019

What should I prepare for a trip to India? ›

22 things you need to know before visiting India
  1. Get your jabs before you travel. ...
  2. Take malaria precautions. ...
  3. Get insured. ...
  4. Plan your trip around the seasons. ...
  5. Book ahead for busy times and festivals. ...
  6. Plan your comms before you travel. ...
  7. Check your lunar calendars. ...
  8. Learn how to greet people.

How many days required for Delhi and Agra trip? ›

Delhi Agra Tour is the prime attraction of North India Tour and it can we covered in two days. Delhi Sightseeing offers you a variety of tour options like- heritage walk in old Delhi near Jama Masjid, visiting UNESCO protected monuments like – the Red Fort, the Qutub Minar and the Humayun's Tomb.

What is the best time to visit Taj Mahal? ›

When is the best time to visit the Taj Mahal? You can visit the Taj Mahal at any time of year — but if you can, aim to see this incredible monument during the dry winter months from October to March. You'll find that between April and May temperatures become almost unbearable.

Which month is coldest in Delhi? ›

Delhi's has an extreme climate. It is very hot in summer (April - July) and cold in winter (December - January).

Which month is rainy in Delhi? ›

The cold season starts from December and extends up to end of February. This is followed by the hot weather season which lasts till about end of June when monsoon arrives over the region. The monsoon continues till the third week of September.

Is Delhi more expensive than Mumbai? ›

The cost of living in Mumbai is 52% higher than in Delhi, even though it is cheaper than both cities in other areas (transportation, clothing, personal care, and entertainment). As a result, Delhi wins another point for having a 4% lower cost of living.

Which city is very cheap in India? ›

Cheapest City In India #1: Thiruvananthapuram. Cheapest City In India #2: Nagpur. Cheapest City In India #3: Bangalore. Cheapest City In India #4: Hyderabad.

Which is richer Mumbai or Delhi? ›

From India, Mumbai was part of the list with 59,400 HNWIs followed by Delhi with 16 billionaires, Bengaluru with 8 billionaires, Hyderabad with 5 billionaires and Kolkata with 7 billionaires.

Which is the most expensive city in India? ›

Why is Mumbai the most expensive city in India? According to Mercer's 2022 Cost of Living survey, Mumbai is the most expensive city to live in India.

Is Delhi or Mumbai safer? ›

Whether you are visiting Delhi or in Mumbai, you'll need to be careful with your valuables as sometimes there are pickpockets. Women are also recommended not to travel alone at night. This is especially important in Delhi. In general, Mumbai is safer than Delhi but travelers still need to take precautions.

Is Delhi airport better than Mumbai? ›

Airport Area of ​​Mumbai vs Delhi Airport

Whereas Delhi's Indira Gandhi International Airport is spread over a total of 2066 hectares i.e. 5106 acres and It is the second largest airport in India in terms of area. Delhi airport is almost 3 times bigger than Mumbai airport.

Which city is cheaper than Mumbai? ›

Bangalore (3rd place), Chennai (6th), Mumbai (7th) and New Delhi (10th) have been ranked by EIU among the 10 cheapest cities in the world. Almaty has been ranked as the cheapest city in the world followed by Lagos.

Which is the cleanest city in India? ›

Indore - Cleanest City in India & Well-developed Infrastructure. Indore, the state's largest and most populous city, won the title of 'Cleanest City'. It is the headquarters of the Indore District and the Indore Division.

Which is the 2nd most expensive city in India? ›

Hyderabad has emerged as the second most expensive housing market in the country after Mumbai. It is the capital and largest city of the Indian state of Telangana.

Which is the least expensive country to visit from India? ›

Here is a list of some of the most affordable countries to visit from India which one must definitely visit and enjoy a great time away from home.
  • Bhutan.
  • Nepal.
  • Sri Lanka.
  • Thailand.
  • Malaysia.
  • Taiwan.
  • Philippines.
  • Malawi.
Mar 23, 2023

Which is the No 1 city in India? ›

If the latest figures of 2023 are to be believed, in terms of population so far, Delhi is the most populous city in India with a population of over 30 million, followed by Mumbai with a population of over 20 million, Kolkata with a population of around 15 million, Bangalore with a population of over 13 million, and ...

In which Indian city most billionaires live? ›

Mumbai, the financial capital of India, is also home to the maximum number of billionaires in the country. According to the 2023 M3M Hurun Global Rich List, 66 of India's 187 billionaires live in Mumbai.

Where do rich live in India? ›

Mumbai is home to the highest number of billionaires in the country with 72 billionaires living in the city, according to Hurun Global Rich List 2022.

Why is Mumbai so expensive? ›

It is one of the most developed cities in India and is also the financial capital of the country. With the growing population annually, this city has an increasing demand in every available sector, which makes the Mumbai cost of living more expensive.

Which city is most expensive in India for foreigners? ›

According to a survey, Kolkata is the least costly city in Asia, while Mumbai and Delhi are among the top 40 most expensive cities for expats. Mumbai is the most expensive city in India in terms of both living expenses and lodging costs, according to Mercer's 2022 Cost of Living assessment.


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