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The Builder's Hall 7 max level list might give you a bit of a headache. The reason for this is that the cost of upgrading buildings is now ridiculously high. Not only that, your builder will now take 1-3 days to upgrade a building.

This means that it takes 7 years for your builder build to max out and progress to the next builder build levels.

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  • What are the max levels for Builder Hall 7?
  • Builder Hall 7 Max Tier List for Resource Buildings
  • Max builder hall is upgraded to level 7 for army buildings
  • Builder's Hall 7 max levels for defense
  • Builder's Hall 7 max levels for cheats
  • Builder Hall Basic Troops Max Level 7
  • Builder's Hall 7 Max Battle Machine Level
  • How to upgrade battle machines quickly
  • How long does it take to get to Max Builder Hall 7?
  • Should you rush to build base 7?
  • How to build a level 7 basic constructor?

What are the max levels for Builder Hall 7?

When we look at resource buildings, army buildings, defenses, and traps, we see a common pattern that everything is now expensive. It's like living in a real world where you have to pay huge amount of money to buy or upgrade anything.

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The only relaxing thing I find about building 7 is that when you get a 5th army camp, your army will eventually grow. It makes your army stronger and increases your chances of winning the battle. Let's see how much we need to upgrade to max out the BH7.

Builder Hall 7 max tier list (2022) Highest Battle Machine, Fastest Squad Time, Defense - NewForestSafari (1)

Builder Hall 7 Max Tier List for Resource Buildings

Builder Hall 7 resource buildingsMaximum levelnumber of buildings
elixir collector72
Mina de oro72
elixir storage72
golden storage72
save my71
  • The two elixir collectors go to level 7.
  • The 2 gold mines go up to level 7.
  • Both gold deposits have been leveled up to LVL 7.
  • Both Elixir stocks are now maxed out at level 7.
  • Your gem mine produces more gems at level 7.
  • Bell Tower now provides 3 hours and 54 minutes of cooldown with a duration of 26 minutes at level 7.

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Max builder hall is upgraded to level 7 for army buildings

Construction Room 7 Army Buildinglevelsnumber of buildings
army camp15
Stellares work71
  • The Baukaserne unlocks the new DropShip squad at level 8. It resembles a balloon, but instead of dropping bombs, it drops skeletons.
  • You unlock a new army camp, but all five army camps remain at level 1.
  • Stellar Lab now gives troops new buffs after they reach level 7.

Builder's Hall 7 max levels for defense

Builder Room 7 Defenselevelsnumber of buildings
archer's tower73
double barrel72
hidden tesla72
guard posts71
the aerial bomb71
Mortero Multi71
  • It takes 2 (x2) days to max out both of your cannons to level 7.
  • The three archer towers will also take 6 days to reach level 7.
  • The two twin cannons take 4 days to reach full power at the next level 7.
  • You can upgrade your two hidden Tesla to top level 7 in four days. But since the second Tesla has just been activated, it will take a while.
  • You will unlock the third firework. All 3 fireworks level up to LVL 7.
  • The two switches at its base reach the highest level of 7.
  • Your only ward reaches max level 7.
  • The air pump also maxes out at level 7.
  • Your multi-mortar becomes powerful at max level 7.
  • The Roaster becomes stronger and deadlier after reaching the new level 7.
  • A giant cannon is the new defense unlocked in Builder Building 7. You need to upgrade them to the highest level 7.
  • The 140 walls of BH7 will move to level 7, but it will cost a fortune.

Builder's Hall 7 max levels for cheats

builder room 7 trapslevelsnumber of traps
press trap74
spring trap33
mega los72
  • The four traps in your base require an upgrade to level 7.
  • Your three feather traps will not bother you in BH7 and will remain level.
  • All five mines will take around 40 hours to reach the next level of LVL 7.
  • The two megamines will also reach level 7 in about 42 hours.

Builder Hall Basic Troops Max Level 7

Building Room 7 TroopsTroop Levels BH7
angry barbarians14
cunning archers14
huge boxers14
baby dragon14
gun carriage14
night witch14
  • If you move Berserker Barbarians to level 14, the number of units per camp increases to 20.
  • You can now pick up 10 sneaky archers per camp at level 14.
  • Boxer Giants get a powerful aftershock at level 14.
  • Increased Beta Minion Long Shot to 5 after reaching level 14 in Star Lab.
  • The bomber moves to level 14 and can now easily go through level 7 walls.
  • Baby Dragon Tantrum's damage improves at level 14.
  • The Cannon Cart's DPS improves a lot at level 14, making it a must-have troop for your base army.
  • The Night Witch can quickly summon bats at level 14 (within 5.6 seconds to be exact).
  • Dropship can summon more skeletons at level 14.

Builder's Hall 7 Max Battle Machine Level

Builder's Hall Battle Machine 7hero level BH7
war machine20

Battle Machine is maxed out at level 20 in building 7. A level 20 Battle Machine has 180 DPS with 4635 health. The Electrohammer skill reaches level 4.

This means that the battle machine deals 360 increased damage and 950 health restoration over the next three shots.

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How to upgrade battle machines quickly

The only way to quickly upgrade the battle machine is to use a hero book or a hero hammer. You can purchase the Book of Heroes in the Daily Deals section. It costs more than 2000 gems.

However, you can also earn the Book of Heroes by completing a Seasonal Challenge or in Clan Matches. I advise you to buy a gold pass every month to get at least three hero books a month.

The Hammer of Heroes costs 165 League Medals. You can earn League Medals by participating in and winning Clan War Leagues every month. If you have a high ranking clan, you can have about 350 league medals per month. This means that you can buy around 2 heroic hammers per month.

How long does it take to get to Max Builder Hall 7?

This is a great question for all the tellers stuck on BH7. You unlocked 38 buildings and 8 troops in builder building 7.

Each building upgrade costs 2-3 days, while each troop upgrade costs 3-4 days. Please note that some buildings have been unlocked recently, so they take longer to level up. The battle machine will level up to 10 and last for 30 days.

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Likewise, each troop requests two level upgrades, while a new troop requests 12 upgrades. Using simple calculations, we calculate that it takes the builder 120 days to upgrade all buildings, while the star lab takes 70 days to max out all troops.

Please note that this time is for the builder and we assume that your base is constantly full of resources (gold/elixir) needed to upgrade troops/buildings.

In reality, however, you have to earn the loot bonus resources. Therefore, the total time to building 7 at most will exceed 150 days.

Should you rush to build base 7?

You can answer this question yourself. Can you wait more than 150 days? If yes, take your time BH7.

However, many players want to unlock the sixth master builder, so they just upgrade the necessary buildings and rush to the next base.

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If your plan is the same then upgrade giant boxer, gun cart and star lab bomber. Similarly, upgrade your Mortar, Crusher and Spit to max level. Meanwhile, you can also upgrade your fighting machine to the highest possible level.

Once you've done that, you can run to the next builder building.

How to build a level 7 basic constructor?

We have many defense projects on our website.Doreview them

collision A


What is the max Battle Machine level for BH 7? ›

Your offensive units gain benefits in the Builder Hall 7 update. Not only can your Troops be upgraded to level 14, but the Battle Machine can be upgraded to level 15 as well.

What should I upgrade first in builder base 7? ›

First priority upgrades (f2p): Build your new firecrackers and hidden tesla, this will take less than an hour. Upgrade one of your elixir storage.
Troop priority:
  • Barbs lvl14. A must have, no questions asked. ...
  • (optional) Bombers lvl10. ...
  • Cannon carts as high level as you can without delaying BH8 too much.
Dec 10, 2017

How do you get max Builder Hall fast? ›

(1) Your collectors in general. Always prioritize upgrading these once you build your new buildings. (2) Your Storages. Only upgrade your Gold Storage enough to store loot to upgrade Builder Hall, and only upgrade your Elixir Storage enough to store loot to upgrade your Gold Storages.

What is the best defense in Builder Hall? ›

Firecrackers. Firecrackers are one of your main aerial defenses, and it will be integral in defending any air attacks, as it deals a good amount of DPS against air troops. At all levels, it is best to keep the Firecrackers protected, preferably placed near the Builder Hall.

What is the max level of Builder Hall? ›

Builder Hall Level
BH LevelHitpointsMaximum Number of Buildings Available
5 more rows
Mar 2, 2018

How to get otto fast? ›

Tips to unlock O.T.T.O quickly
  1. Requirement 2: Gear up 3 buildings. ...
  2. Requirement 3: Upgrade the Cannon Cart to level 18. ...
  3. Requirement 4: Upgrade the Mega Tesla to level 9. ...
  4. Requirement 5: Upgrade the Battle Machine to level 30. ...
  5. General Tips. ...
  6. Check your progress.

How much does Level 9 Mega Tesla cost? ›

Gold Pass modifiers
LevelDamage per SecondBuild Cost
5 more rows

Should you rush Otto Hut? ›

Why do I need cannon carts for otto? I rushed my builder base and was able to get the otto hut in 4 months without any money spent. So I definitely recommend rushing.

How do you max out Otto Hut? ›

To upgrade the O.T.T.O Hut to level 5, four such prerequisites must be satisfied.
  1. To upgrade to level 2, you need to gear up a Cannon, Archer Tower and a Mortar in the Home Village. ...
  2. To upgrade to level 3, you need to upgrade the Cannon Cart to level 18 (which requires Star Laboratory level 9).

How much does bh7 army camp cost? ›

This Army Camp subsequently re-appeared when Builder Hall 7 was introduced, this time costing 2,500,000 Builder Elixir and taking 2 days to build.

What are the max levels for Builder Hall 7? ›

The announcement of the Builder Hall 7 update originally planned the Battle Machine to only gain 5 new levels (up to level 15), but surprisingly, levels 16 to 20 were added as well.

Can you get 7 builders in CoC? ›

In the game Clash of Clans, builders are essential in building and upgrading your base. Generally, the maximum numbers of builders you can have is five, although it is possible to get a sixth builder through the builder base (technically the Master Builder) to help with your upgrades.

How long does it take to max BH8? ›

As long as you have lvl14 barbs in BH7, you're all set to upgrade to BH8. You builder hall will take 5 days to upgrade, so try to max out your loot by then and try your best to save up a book of buildings/everything right before the upgrade finishes to instantly unlock your new army camp.

Which is the strongest Defence in COC? ›

In Clash of Clans, the Hybrid Base is the best defensive base that players can use as their primary defensive base against most opponent attacks. The base's defences, such as the Inferno Tower and X-Bows, are strategically placed in attacking positions to deal the most damage to the troops.

How do you win the builder? ›

The simplest approach to defeat the Builder is to simply evade his assaults until he launches you into the air with one of his assaults. You should next draw your bow and aim for the top of his head, which will quickly stun him. Get a couple of hits in and repeat the phase, even during the battle's second phase.

Is it worth upgrading Clock Tower? ›

If your wish is to work on the builder base upgrading clock tower is very useful. Sometimes you might need a little gold/elixir to upgrade other builders, so clock tower can help you rush attack other's base.

How do you max base fast? ›

Max out collectors first.

If you start to go for other things like walls and defenses first, it is going to take a long time to get the gold and elixir needed for these upgrades. If you have your collectors maxed out for your level, then you will be able to get these upgrades faster in the long run.

Is there a 6th builder in COC? ›

How to unlock the sixth builder in Clash of Clans. You must upgrade your Builder Hall in the Builder Base to Lv. 9 to get the sixth builder in Clash of Clans.

How long does it take to max Builder Hall? ›

Costs to Max Everything for Builder Hall Level 2
Upgrade TypeTotal Loot RemainingTotal Build Time Remaining*
Gold33,00015 minutes
Elixir74,5001 hour 14 minutes 30 seconds
Builder Hall to Level 330,0001 hour

What happens when you unlock O.T.T.O Hut? ›

At Builder Hall 9, a new building called O.T.T.O Hut becomes available. Upgrading this building allows the Master Builder to get an additional builder in the Builder Base. This also frees the Master Builder to move between the two villages as needed.

How long does it take to get to O.T.T.O Hut? ›

Rough calculations meant I needed ~147m elixir or about 360-420 days of continuous farming.

How many Teslas are in 1 Mega Tesla? ›

How many Tesla make 1 Megatesla? 1 Megatesla [MT] = 1 000 000 Tesla [T] - Measurement calculator that can be used to convert Megatesla to Tesla, among others.

How do you get a Giga Tesla? ›

A level 1 Giga Tesla is already built-in with the Town Hall when the Town Hall level 12 upgrade is completed. The Giga Tesla deals very high damage per second to multiple targets at once. It only emerges when the Town Hall is damaged (either by troop or by spell), or when 51% of the base is destroyed.

How much damage does a Level 1 Tesla do? ›

Gold Pass modifiers
LevelDamage per SecondCost
9 more rows

How do I activate O.T.T.O Hut? ›

  1. To build the O.T.T.O Hut, you first need Builder Hall level 9;
  2. To gear up the three buildings, you need at least a level 7 Cannon, level 10 Archer Tower and level 8 Mortar in the Home Village, and at least a level 4 Double Cannon, level 6 Archer Tower, and level 8 Multi Mortar in the Builder Base.

How do I get O.T.T.O back to builder base? ›

Once you reach level 5, O.T.T.O will be unlocked and will work as a second builder. With a second builder available, the Master Builder will be able to travel to the Home Base.

Should you rush town hall? ›

Although it was never explicitly stated in-game that you shouldn't rush your Town Hall, word advising newer players not to do so became commonplace. But nowadays, quality of life improvements and changes to the game economy made rushing much less of a mistake.

Is the O.T.T.O Hut a 6th builder? ›

Build faster using the 6th Builder in the Clash of Clans

The Master Builder is unlocked by upgrading the O.T.T.O Hut to level 5, and he works as a 6th Builder, even at the home base. The O.T.T.O Hut is a home to the Master Builder that may be unlocked at Builder Hall level 9.

What is the best army for TH7? ›

Hence, this article will discuss the best attack combinations to win TH7 attacks.
Army composition:
  • 15 Giants.
  • 17 Wizards.
  • 3 Healers.
  • 4 Wall Breakers.
  • 3 Archers.
  • 2 Minions.
  • 3 Heal Spells.
  • Giants (Clan castle)
Feb 9, 2022

Can I use Army Camp while upgrading? ›

Upgrading and building more Army Camps lets you store more troops, allowing higher chances of victory in raids. They continue to function even when they are being upgraded, allowing you to keep your armies at full capacity at all times.

What does Level 7 barracks unlock? ›

At level 7, the bomb rack is replaced with a spell-casting cauldron that appears to represent the Wizard, the unit unlocked at this level, and the remaining thighbone disappears.

How long does it take to max TH7 with 5 builders? ›

Probably a week, maybe two. If you are raiding and Trophy pushing for the loot bonuses constantly, if feels like TH7 and TH8 are short lived.

In which builder hall we can reach 3000 trophies? ›

I'd recommend doing raids more often when playing on your Builder Base side of your CoC account, and winning said raids in order to get up to 3,000 trophies in Builder Hall 6.

How long does it take to complete Town Hall 7? ›

A breakdown of the upgrade costs and times for Town Hall 7 can be found below.
Overall Upgrade Costs and Durations.
Builder Time10d 4h 5m
Lab Time10d 14h

Who is the No 1 player in COC? ›

Top Players of 2020 for Clash of Clans
Player ID% of Total
57 more rows

Should I leave a builder free COC? ›

Leaving a builder free means that you can farm however much you like, 7mil per day isn't a problem as long as you have somewhere to dump to loot. If you don't have a free builder, you can only farm 4mil per day as a TH9 or TH10 because your loot will overflow.

What is the best builder troop? ›

These are the best Builder Base troops in Clash of Clans
  • Clash of Clans Sneaky Archer (Image via Sportskeeda)
  • Clash of Clans Bomber (Image via Sportskeeda)
  • Clash of Clans Night Witch (Image via Sportskeeda)
  • Clash of Hog Glider (Image via Sportskeeda)
  • Clash of Super PEKKA (Image via Sportskeeda)
Jan 14, 2022

How much does Town Hall 8 cost? ›

A breakdown of the upgrade costs and times for Town Hall 8 can be found below.
Overall Upgrade Costs and Durations.
Dark Elixir157K

How long does it take to upgrade th7 to TH8? ›

The town hall upgrade also used to take much longer, at 7 days. Now its only 4 days which is far better. Duration: 6-14 days is more than enough to finish everything important in TH8.

How long does it take to upgrade to bh9? ›

The two day upgrade time will allow you to farm more loot for your upgrades. Once all defenses above are done, work on some traps and other defenses. Upgrade depending on what you are facing.

Which troop is the strongest? ›

Dragons are one of the strongest troops, with high HP and high DPS. They also deal small area splash damage (although this splash damage component is very powerful on defense versus a large number of weak troops like Archers).

What is the weakest troop in CoC? ›

Goblins have been around for a long time and have many adoring fans, but they are unfortunately considered the worst troop in Clash of Clans right now.

Who is king of CoC? ›

The Barbarian King is the first hero unlocked at Town Hall level 7. He is a larger, stronger, more aggressive, more impressive, and more powerful Barbarian. He is automatically summoned once the Barbarian King Altar is constructed, which costs 5,000 Dark Elixir. So, the Dark Elixir Storage is required to get him.

Should I trust the builder in Asgard? ›

The Builder is an NPC that Loki allows into Asgard as a sign of gratitude for helping him save his son. The Builder promises to build a shield that will protect Asgard from Ragnarok. He turns out to be a traitor and when you expose him to the truth, he reveals his real self – a giant from Jotunheim.

Is the builder a frost giant? ›

The Builder is a giant from Jotunheim, the realm of the frost giants.

How do you beat the builder without arrows? ›

Melee attacks are where the core damage lies, meaning your strategy should be to stun him, move close to attack, and avoid his attempts to trap you. Keeping up with this tactic should be enough to beat The Builder and the next part of the game is to leave for Jotunheim, at which point Eivor will wake up.

What is the max level air defense for Town Hall 7? ›

Town Hall 7:
ItemAmountMax Level
Hidden Tesla23
Air Defense25
Air Sweeper13
4 more rows
Oct 6, 2015

What level is Battle Machine? ›

Players can start unlocking the Battle Machine once they upgrade their Builder Hall to level 5. It is a melee damage type hero with 3600 Hit Points at the base level and 125 damage per second.

How long does it take to max Builder Hall 8? ›

As long as you have lvl14 barbs in BH7, you're all set to upgrade to BH8. You builder hall will take 5 days to upgrade, so try to max out your loot by then and try your best to save up a book of buildings/everything right before the upgrade finishes to instantly unlock your new army camp.


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