【2022】 Boot device not available error in Windows 10? Here are the fixes (2023)

When you turn on a computer and the screen appears"No boot disk available", it means that the computer does not have a hard disk with an operating system or a boot disk, e.g. B. a Windows installation CD can be found. The computer will not start until an operating system is installed. This error is often caused by incorrect BIOS settings or a damaged cable, but in the worst case it can mean that the drive has failed completely. Fix Boot Device Not Available Error in Windows 10 2022.

【2022】 Boot device not available error in Windows 10? Here are the fixes (1)
  1. Part 1: What is No Boot Device Available Error?
  2. Part 2: Reasons why no bootable device is available
  3. Part 3: How to Fix Boot Device Not Available Error?
  4. Part 4: How to recover data from crashed computer with no bootable device available error? HOT
  5. FAQ about no bootable device

Part 1: What is No Boot Device Available Error?

Many people have a common question: when the notification "No bootable media available in Windows 10" pops up, what does it mean? While this is not necessarily a serious condition, it can definitely cause trouble. You may see more messages like "No bootable device available in Windows 7, 10". By "boot device" we mean a piece of hardware that contains or can read the data needed to start and operate a computer from its bootable state.

Part 2: Reasons why no bootable device is available

No bootable device available issue occurs due to several reasons. Let's take a clear look at them.

Reason 1: The hard drive cannot be set as the first boot device in the BIOS.

【2022】 Boot device not available error in Windows 10? Here are the fixes (2)

This is one of the most common cases where the boot device is not available. When we install Windows on our computer, we have to restart our computer to enter the BIOS. Sometimes we can see that there is no way to access computer hard drive. The real problem is that the disk is not selected to show first priority.

Reason 2: Corrupted MBR can lead to no bootable media in Windows 7 to 10.

MBR stands for Master Boot Record. It is the information contained in the first sector of every hard drive or floppy disk that defines how and where an operating system is placed. Allow the operating system to boot from the computer's main memory or RAM. This is a critical issue, but we have the solution for you. So stay tuned.

Reason 3: The hard disk's boot sector or partition table is damaged.

When you encounter this error, it means that a large amount of important metadata on your hard drive has been corrupted, or if your drive contains bad sectors, your operating system treats your hard drive as a blank drive. Even if your data is still on the device. So do not worry.

Reason 4: Your hard drive is broken.

This is one of the most common causes of boot device not recognized error. It's important to remember that the amount of stress and usage on a hard drive can have a significant impact on its lifespan. If you hear strange noises from your computer's hard drive, unplug it and replace it as soon as possible. You need to replace the hard drive to fix boot device not recognized issue.

Reason 5: Boot priority has changed.

The boot order of the storage devices attached to your computer may have changed due to system configuration changes, system battery problems, or other errors.

Reason 6: The SATA/IDE cable connecting your hard drive to the motherboard is loose or not working.

(Video) How to Fix Stop code Inaccessible Boot Device Windows 10, 11

This is something that most internet troubleshooting sites mention as a potential problem. Hard drives that are not properly powered stop spinning and are therefore not recognized by your computer's operating system. Make sure the power line of the power adapter is well connected to the device during installation.

Part 3: How to Fix Boot Device Not Available Error?

We already know all the reasons for no bootable device available. Now let's discuss the easiest solutions to fix it. Let's take a look at the solution to your problem.

Solution 1: Set the hard drive as the boot device

Follow the steps below carefully to set up your computer's hard drive as a bootable device.

Step 1: After restarting the computer, use the "Esc" key to enter the BIOS interface.

【2022】 Boot device not available error in Windows 10? Here are the fixes (3)

step 2: Hold down the right "arrow" key on your keyboard until the Boot tab appears on your screen. After that, you can use the "+" or "-" keys to move "Hard Disk" to the top of the boot order list.

level 3: Now press "F10" to save and then restart your computer and solve the problem.

Solution 2: Repair Corrupted MBR

In Windows 10, corrupted MBR can cause inaccessible "no bootable media". To fix it, this is the procedure:

Step 1: First, insert the Windows installation DVD into your computer and turn it on.

step 2: First select "Date and region". After that, you can see an interface called "Install Now" and click "Repair your computer".

【2022】 Boot device not available error in Windows 10? Here are the fixes (4)

level 3: From the Advanced Options screen, select Troubleshoot, then Command Prompt.

【2022】 Boot device not available error in Windows 10? Here are the fixes (5)

step 4: Press Enter after each command line (see below) you type in the command prompt.

1. bootrec /fixmbr

2. bootrec /fixboot

(Video) Dell - No Boot Device / Boot Device Not Found Fix - Booting Issue

3. bootrec/scanos

4. bootrec /reconstruirbcd

【2022】 Boot device not available error in Windows 10? Here are the fixes (6)

step 5: After that, you need to exit “Command Prompt” and restart your computer to fix the problem.

Solution 3: Check carefully if the drive is recognized by the BIOS

In this case you need to check if the drive is disabled or recognized in the BIOS. Let's take a look and follow the steps carefully to do so.

Step 1: When the computer restarts, press "F2" to enter the BIOS.

step 2: Activate the option "Enable hard disk detection" in the system settings.

level 3: For future use, please enable the "Auto detect" function.

step 4- Restart the computer and check if the drive is recognized in the BIOS.

Solution 4 – Replace hard drive and install Windows OS

It is recommended that you replace your computer's hard drive as soon as it shows signs of damage. Your operating system and all your data can be saved by this.

Step 1: Back up any data you intend to save before beginning physical disk replacement.

step 2: To reinstall the Windows operating system on your new computer, create a "rescue disk".

level 3: To remove the old hard drive, disconnect all power sources and turn off the computer. Open the lock on the computer, remove the old hard drive and carefully insert the new one.

step 4: Turn on the PC and now it's time to reinstall the Windows operating system. This time, you can definitely install the operating system without any problems.

(Video) How to Fix NO BOOTABLE DEVICE FOUND 2023

Solution 5 – Make sure the cables and hard drive are well connected

This technique is sometimes very useful. Let's follow the steps to complete this step by yourself.

Step 1: First disconnect your PC from the power supply.

step 2: Disconnect all cables carefully and clean them all.

level 3: Now carefully reconnect them.

step 4: Open your PC hard drive and also clean it with a soft brush and replace it after cleaning and turning on your PC.

If your problem was due to chords or disk disconnection, your problem will be solved.

Solution 6 – Check your computer settings

In this scenario, you must first ensure that the BIOS is looking for the correct boot drive before proceeding. The No Boot Device Found error can occur when the BIOS is not configured to load the correct drive first. Check the following factors to troubleshoot these issues.

Step 1: Check your computer settings.

If you suspect the system settings on your Windows PC or Mac are misconfigured and preventing disk detection, take a look. Keyboard.

step 2: Make sure there are no broken cables.

Even if your patch cords appear to be in good condition, you should still verify their functionality.

level 3: Use an antivirus program.

Running your antivirus application can be a good place to start. When this process is complete, your device should be able to recognize the hard drive and access its contents without any problems.

(Video) Fix Boot Device Not Found error in Windows

Part 4: How to recover data from crashed computer with no bootable device available error?

If your Dell, HP, Samsung or any other computer encounters no boot device available error and your computer crashes, don't worry about your data. It is absolutely possible to recover your important data. want to know how It's easy to do with "Tenorshare 4DDiG" app. It is very easy to use and has a great success rate.

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  • External device recovery: External storage devices are widely used. There is nothing to worry about if it gets damaged anywhere. Luckily, 4DDiG is ready to get you back.
  • Raw File Recovery – Accessing raw files requires data recovery tools. In this scenario, 4DDiG does an excellent job.
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Let's see the steps to recover lost data from hard drive with "4DDiG".

  1. Connect your USB drive to your computer, launch the 4DDiG program and select Recover from Crashed Computer.
  2. 【2022】 Boot device not available error in Windows 10? Here are the fixes (7)
  3. Create a bootable drive, you can choose an external USB/DVD to create and start data recovery on your crashed computer.
  4. 【2022】 Boot device not available error in Windows 10? Here are the fixes (8)【2022】 Boot device not available error in Windows 10? Here are the fixes (9)
  5. Insert the USB/CD/DVD into the locked computer and select Reboot device. The logo of the computer brand will appear on the screen, follow the instructions and press the appropriate key until the BIOS setup appears. In the BIOS, look for the boot device button and click on it. The files will be uploaded, wait for the setup to finish and launch 4DDiG. You can choose which location you want to restore your data to.
  6. 【2022】 Boot device not available error in Windows 10? Here are the fixes (10)

Video tutorial on how to recover data from crashed computer without no bootable device available error.

FAQ about no bootable device

1. How to Fix Boot Device Not Found?

Answer: There are several ways to fix this error. You can restart your computer and the existing hard drive, carefully reconnect all cables and the hard drive, or solve the problem by restoring the BIOS default settings.

2. What does it mean that no bootable device is available?

Answer: There are several meanings for no bootable device available. This may mean that your computer cannot find the disk with the operating system already installed on the system.

(Video) How to Fix No Bootable Device Not Found

3. What issues caused boot device not available error?

Answer: No Boot Device Available is a fixable issue that occurs when we start our computer. When we see this notification, it means that there is a problem with our computer's hard drive.

4. Why does my computer say no bootable device is available?

Answer: Corrupted operating system or hard drive is the main reason for no bootable device available issue.


Since the computer is an important part of our daily working life, everyone wants a smooth computer. Various kinds of problems usually occur after long-term use, and no bootable device is available is one of them. Although it is a fixable problem, there is a possibility of data loss if you don't follow the fixing rules carefully. So, follow the steps carefully. Are you tense from data loss? Don't worry, use "Tenorshare 4DDiG” This is a perfect data recovery software and cable to recover all lost data.


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